Face Coverings - FAQ's for Students

Information updated on 31st August 2021

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The University requires all persons to wear face coverings, preferably in the form of a mask, when indoors in University buildings in most scenarios. Face coverings must be worn during teaching activities / when in class, when moving through buildings, in corridors and on stairwells, queuing for any reason, using toilet facilities, when using the library, etc.


  • When seated in a restaurant or café, but you must put it back on before leaving your table for any reason.
  • When sitting in a designated seating area and eating or drinking, but you must put it back on before leaving your seat for any reason.
  • When engaged in sports (for indoor facilities consult local rules)
  • When seated at a desk that is more than 2m from the nearest person (this does not apply to libraries)

Yes, even when seated at your desk. A face covering must be worn at all times in libraries.

Face coverings should be donned well in advance of entering a building. Do not stop at the building entrance to don your covering as this may lead to congestion; please place your face cover on before you get to the entrance.  

Yes, you must wear a face covering in all teaching environments.

If you suffer from an underlying condition that makes the wearing of any face covering inadvisable then you should consult your doctor for advice about the appropriateness of attending campus /  engaging in close contact with others in the absence of any form of face covering.

You should contact your College or School Office to discuss how best you can be supported under your particular extenuating circumstances.

If you cannot wear a face covering due to an underlying condition then you are exempt from doing so.

No, some members of the University community may suffer from an underlying condition that makes the wearing of a face covering inadvisable. The best way to influence others is to lead by example and wear your own covering.

UCD will make masks available to students.

Masks will be available to purchase in on campus shops. However you will need someone to purchase the mask on your behalf as you cannot enter the shop without a face covering.