What do I do if I am a close contact, am feeling unwell or have received a positive Covid-19 diagnosis?

Information reviewed and updated on the 25th April 2022

Persons should note that the advice from the HSE re. managing Covid symptoms, what to do if you are a close contact, and what to do if you test positive is subject to frequent change. At all times you should consult the links highlighted in the FAQs below – do not make assumptions based on past experience.

The most up to date HSE advice can be found here.


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At all times UCD is adhering to the current advice from the HSE in respect of how positive cases and close contacts amongst the University population should be managed.

The University has appointed a full time Covid 19 Contact Tracing Coordinator to coordinate its internal contact tracing activities. The details of Covid 19 cases involving staff and students are passed to this individual, who then monitors for trends and outbreaks.

Here are the HSE guidelines for what you should do if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

If you are living in Campus Residences you should contact the Front of House to report your symptoms, inform your housemates about your symptoms and immediately self-isolate (stay in your room). Free Rapid Antigen test kits are available to UCD students and can be picked up at Front of House. 

Any staff member or student who tests positive for Covid 19 is asked to report their diagnosis to UCD either via the google form here or by calling 01 716 7999 / ext. 7999. You will be asked to provide information about the nature of your testing and activities you have undertaken on campus in the 48hrs leading up to your test result. Staff and students are strongly encouraged to register
their positive test result / diagnosis in order to facilitate the University in quantifying and managing Covid cases within the University community.

If you have had a positive antigen test you should also report your test result online to the HSE listing your close contacts.

Even if your PCR test / antigen test was negative if you have any Covid 19 symptoms you must self-isolate until such time as you have been symptom free for 48hrs.


Do not come to campus during this period. If your symptoms continue or get worse phone your GP.


Advise them to contact the UCD 24hr Emergency Line on extension 7999 / 01 716 7999 to report their positive test result or to upload their details via the google form here. If there is any doubt as to whether a report has been made you may contact the Emergency Line to report the case yourself.

You do not have to restrict your movements or isolate if a colleague or student you have been in touch with is awaiting a test result.  See here for HSE Guidelines for close contacts.

Current advice on what to do if you have been identified as a close contact of Covid case can be found on the HSE website

See here for HSE advice on what you should do if your child is a close contact of a confirmed case.

See here for the latest HSE guidelines for School, childcare and COVID-19.

Please contact UCD Human Resources department for information on Covid special leave with pay arrangements.


Further information for students can be found at https://www.ucd.ie/covid-19/

Information on Covid 19 health and safety measures in UCD can be found at https://www.ucd.ie/sirc/coronavirus/