Information updated 4th August 2021

All planned fieldwork must be subjected to a fieldwork risk assessment and, where required a Covid 19 Risk Assessment. When planning for fieldwork trip organisers must consider how participants can be kept safe and how Covid 19 best practice can be applied, e.g. whether some aspects of the fieldwork experience/tasks could be achieved through online activities. Covid 19 - Return to Campus Guide Version 1.6 July 7th 2021 Page 29 of 35.

 Issues that need to be considered include:

  • Maintaining physical distancing.
  • How transport is organised. 
  • What PPE is required.
  • How will shared equipment be cleaned between users.
  • First aid requirements.
  • Access to food and welfare facilities.
  • Higher risk COVID 19 staff / students.
  • Interaction with members of the public, service providers, etc.
  • The actual tasks undertaken.
  • If the fieldtrip involves an overnight component, then how persons will be safely housed and distanced also requires some consideration. 

A Fieldwork Risk Assessment Template incorporating a Covid 19 risk review is available. The SIRC Office can advise on planning for fieldwork.