Coronavirus (COVID-19) - First Aid Responder Guidance

Information updated on 13th January 2022

Advice for First Aid Responders

The UCD Advice for First Aid Responders: COVID 19 guide is intended to provide some practical guidance and reassurance to First Aid Responders [FAR] in UCD.

To minimise risk, it is advised that all UCD First Aid Responders should avoid close contact with a person who may require first aid on campus, unless absolutely necessary or if Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available.

To request first aid assistance, persons should immediately contact the UCD 24-hour Emergency Line on Ext. 7999 or 01 716 7999 from a mobile.

The 7999 first aid responders have access to PPE and can respond to first aid requests.

Patients in cardiac arrest should have compression only CPR applied. Do not give mouth to mouth rescue breaths.

Call the UCD Emergency Line on ext. 7999 for assistance and use an AED as soon as possible. See locations of AED’s in UCD.


Further advice and information