Hygiene and Cleaning

Information reviewed and updated 2nd February 2022

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Yes, hand sanitising stations have been set up at building entrances and at key points within buildings.

In addition to the normal cleaning schedule the University has implemented an enhanced cleaning regime. The enhanced cleaning schedule includes cleaning of toilets, increased waste removal and the cleaning of touch points throughout the day in high frequency circulation and common spaces. Please note that  waste generated by materials used in protecting against the spread of COVID-19, such as wipes and disposable masks, can be disposed of in the General Waste bin (for those buildings with multi-bin systems) or normal office bins.  

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Clean your desk down at the end and the start of the day
  • Dispose of used tissues in a bin
  • Exercise good cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Do not come to work if exhibiting any Covid 19 symptoms - see https://www.ucd.ie/sirc/coronavirus/feelingunwell/

Staff and students can request a personal hygiene. These can be collected by prior arrangement from one of the collection points (Campus Services, Blackrock Services Desk, Building 71, Science Welcome Centre and Student Centre) Monday (except Bank Holidays) to Friday between 08:00 and 16:00. Visit https://ucdestates.ie/covid19/ to book your hygiene pack for collection. Free disposable surgical masks are also placed around larger buildings for persons to use as needed. 


The wipes in the hygiene pack may be used to wipe down individual workstations and shared equipment. Individuals can order their hygiene pack here.

If a local 'clean as you go' policy is being implemented then consideration should be given to ordering a supply of cleaning products. These materials should be purchased by the College, School or Unit implementing this procedure. There are a number of suppliers on the Approved Suppliers Catalogue on eprocurement who offer cleaning materials, additionally, there is a specific Framework, under which these materials can be purchased.

Yes, as long as good hand hygiene practices are observed it is ok to do so. However minimise the number of persons who handle items, e.g. avoid sharing pens, do not ask students to hand around class material, etc.

Ensure that you sanitise your hands after handling any material and keep your hands away from your face until you have done so. There is no need to wear gloves to handle material previously handled by a student.

Water fountains can be used to refill bottles. Do not place your mouth over any water fountain outlet. If you have access to alcohol wipes wipe the outlet before and after filling your bottle.

If you wish you can clean your microphone with an alcohol based wipe at the start and end of every lecture. 


The SIRC Office has prepared a guide on sanitising shared equipment between uses which is available here