Rapid Antigen Testing - FAQ's for students

Information reviewed and updated on 11th March 2022

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From Monday January 17 th 2022 UCD will be making free rapid antigen test kits available to students on production of a valid student card. This scheme is being funded by the Government.

Test kits can be obtained from the locations listed below between the hours of 0900hrs and 1600hrs
Mondays to Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays).

Belfield Campus

  • Campus Services (Agriculture Building)
  • James Joyce Library
  • Merville Residence
  • Richview Library
  • Science Welcome Center
  • Student Center  Reception
  • Student Union Office
  • UCD Village Residence

Blackrock Campus

  • Blackrock Campus Services

Please be patient if queuing for test kits. Note that if demand at a particular location is high there may be delays or temporary shortages. You will need to show a valid UCD Student Card to receive your kits.

Students will be provided with 2 kits on production of a valid student card. Students may visit a distribution centre as often as they need to obtain kits but are asked not to obtain more kits than is strictly necessary and not to stockpile or obtain kits for others. There is a finite supply of test kits and if they are used appropriately then they will last longer.

You should use a self-administered rapid antigen test on a regular basis. Testing every three days /twice per week is recommended. Regular testing provide a better quality of result than once off occasional testing.

You should follow the instructions contained within the package.

See the short video below for guidance 



Further instructions on how to use a test kit can be found on the HSE website.

No, the kits are provided to help students manage their risk from Covid 19 at their own discretion.

Current advice on what to do if you have been identified as a close contact of Covid case can be found on the HSE website. There are different rules depending on your vaccination status so please read the advice closely and follow the guidance that is relevant to your situation.

If you have symptoms of Covid 19 then you should immediately self-isolate (stay in your room) and arrange for a test. There are different testing guidelines for persons of different ages, so consult the most current advice from the HSE and follow the guidance that is relevant to your situation.

If you antigen test is positive you will need to self-isolate for a period of time and report your test result online to the HSE listing your close contacts.

If you test positive following an antigen test (or indeed after a PCR test) please report your diagnosis to UCD either via the google form here or by calling 01 716 7999 / ext. 7999. You will be asked to provide information about the nature of your testing and activities you have undertaken on campus in the 48hrs leading up to your test result. Students are strongly encouraged to register their positive test result / diagnosis in order to facilitate the University in quantifying and managing Covid cases within the University community.

Yes. The University has subsidised the costs of test kits for sale in the Student Union Library Shop. Kits may be purchased at €1 per kit (up to a maximum of three kits per transaction).

In addition to the free test kits currently available to students on campus UCD is also supporting students and staff with free antigen and saliva testing in the UniCoV study. This research study involves providing participants with regular testing from their own home. It also analyses sewage for presence of the virus causing COVID. We can see that sewage levels are still quite high in UCD so testing is even more important right now.
Students and staff can get more information or register for free testing at this link. 

Yes. If you have been advised to engage in a sequence of self-testing by the HSE then you can use the kits supplied by UCD to start that process immediately whilst you await delivery of your test kits from the HSE.