Return to on Campus working - What do you need to do in advance?

Information updated on Thursday 5th August 2021

Health Declaration

All staff and research postgraduate students returning to on campus working for the first time since March 2020 are required to submit a health declaration to their Unit Head / Head of School at least three days in advance of their return / first day on campus confirming that they are free from the symptoms of Covid 19 and are not in a group required to isolate or quarantine at that time. This only needs to be submitted once and if you have already submitted a declaration previously you do not need to do so again. Note that this declaration is a statutory requirement.

The person returning to on campus working can complete an online application via InfoHub (Campus Tab) and return it via InfoHub to their relevant Line Manager (or Head of School in the case of postgraduate students) at least three days in advance of their planned return to work. Visiting researchers or interns, who do not have access to the online system, may apply directly to the relevant Head of School / Unit using the UCD Return to Campus Working Form. 

The reviewer reviews the form and confirms if the applicant is fit to return to work. If approval is granted / not granted an email is then issued via InfoHub automatically to the applicant. If a Head of School / Unit wishes to nominate an alternative reviewer whilst on leave they should contact to arrange same.


Once approval is issued, the applicant can attend campus to work and when doing so must complete the Estate Services Contact Tracing Attendance Form for every visit to campus and adhere to all Covid 19 precautions.    


Covid 19 Induction Training

All staff and research postgraduates working on campus are required to complete a 15-minute Covid 19 induction training session. This is a mandatory statutory requirement, and each person is responsible for ensuring that they have viewed the short video.

Steps to accessing UCD Covid 19 Induction Training on Brightspace:

1. Go to and login using your UCD Connect login and password

2. Click on 'Explore' on header options

3. Select the 'Return to Campus Working; UCD Covid 19 Induction Training'

4. Select option to 'Enroll in Course' 

5. Select option to 'Open Course'

6. Select 'My Learning'from header options 

7. 'UCD Covid 19 Induction Training'will appear under learning materials on the left-hand side of the screen. 


If you do not have access to Brightspace, contact who can share the training with you via Google drive.

For furthur information on the Return to Work Guide please click here