Work Pods

Information reviewed and updated 11th Januray 2022

To date UCD has been using a work pod model where necessary in order to help minimise the risks from Covid 19. This model was and is based on the approach that close contact between staff / persons who share a workspace on a daily basis or very frequent basis (such as researchers sharing a lab space) should be restricted to the same small group of people, i.e. a work pod. This was  / is in order to minimise the impact that a positive case would have on a teams or a services  ability to function.

However as boosted vaccination rates across the country rise this is becoming less of an issue as persons who are fully vaccinated and are close contacts of a positive Covid case do not need to isolate and stay away from the workplace as long as they are well.

To date this model has worked well and it’s continued use is recommend where practicable. However if the continued use of the work pod model poses operational difficulties in the provision of services to students or staff or impacts on a team’s ability to function fully, then the use of the pod model may be dispensed with. However as the rules governing close contacts change regularly ( the use of the work pod model should always be considered where practicable.

If being applied the work pod model should be utilised as follows:

  • In office type environments a work pod may comprise of designated groups of up to 8 persons who can work together and whose repeated daily close contacts  on a repeated day to day basis, are restricted to persons within their designated Work Pod.
  • In dynamic working environments such as laboratories where the utilisation of additional risk control measures such as the wearing of PPE is practicable and appropriate, a work pod of up to a maximum size of 15 persons may be developed.