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Spanish and Portuguese


  Name & Research Interests
Michael Brophy

Prof Michael Brophy

Contemporary French poetry and poetics; the poet as critic; text and image; French-Canadian literature; contemporary migrant writing in French.

Email: michael.brophy@ucd.ie

Derval Conroy

Associate Professor Derval Conroy

17th-century literature, history of ideas and political thought; queenship; early modern feminisms; the history of equality; Gabrielle Suchon; women dramatists; print culture; text and image relations; festival books; early modern ceremonial. 

Email: derval.conroy@ucd.ie


Dr Douglas Smith

Twentieth-century literature; literary and cultural theory; intellectual and cultural history; cultural studies; anthropology; history and theory of cinema; history and theory of photography; history and theory of twentieth-century art and architecture; museology.

Email: douglas.smith@ucd.ie


Dr Emer O'Beirne

Twentieth- and twenty-first century prose, particularly avant-garde (nouveau roman) and experimental fiction; particular interests are the work of Marcel Proust, Nathalie Sarraute, Jean Echenoz, Jean-Philippe Toussaint. My critical engagement with literary practices is supported particularly by reflection on theories of reading, of irony, of dialogue, and of the nature of "literature" in general.

Email: emer.obeirne@ucd.ie

Mary Gallagher

Prof Mary Gallagher

Postcolonial writing in French (especially from/about the Caribbean, North, Africa, Canada, the Indian Ocean, Sub-Saharan Africa and what France called Indochine); the work of Lafcadio Hearn; the travel writings of Paul Morand; the introspective writings of authors such as Colette, Proust, Paul Valéry. I would be happy to supervise research in any of the above areas.

Email: mary.gallagher@ucd.ie

Vera Regan

Prof Vera Regan

Sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, language, migration and identity, Applied Linguistics

Email: vera.regan@ucd.ie

Siofra Pierse

Associate Professor Síofra Pierse

18th-century French historiography, literature and history of ideas: Voltaire’s historical and historiographical works; the city in 18th-century French literature; 18th-century history of ideas [currently: Diderot and narrative scepticism]; and the 18th-century female-authored French narrative [Châtelet; Tencin; Riccoboni; Graffigny; Charrière; Gouges; Staël].

Email: siofra.pierse@ucd.ie

Dr Stephen Schwartz

Flaubert, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Cultural Theory, Individualism, Aesthetic Theory, Philosophy of Literature.

Email: stephen.schwartz@ucd.ie

Assistant Professor Manu Braganca

Contemporary France (1789-present), reception and reader-response theories, memories of WWII in France and Europe, war narratives, violence, emotions and ideology in fiction, Jean-Paul Sartre, the Hussards, Romain Gary, Anna Langfus, Claude Lanzmann, Yannick Haenel

Email: manu.braganca@ucd.ie



  Name & Research Interests

Dr Jeanne Riou

Continental Philosophy (especially German Philosophy), The Relationship between Philosophy and Literature; Intellectual History; German literature of the Enlightenment, Romantic and Modernist periods; Cultural Theory; Aesthetics.

Email: jeanne.riou@ucd.ie


Dr Gillian Pye

Contemporary German-language literature with particular focus on identity in post-unification Germany, representations of wellbeing and happiness in literature, literary treatments of material culture and the everyday, posthumanism and literature. Twentieth century drama and theories of comedy.

Email: gillian.pye@ucd.ie


Dr Sabine Strumper-Krobb

Translation studies, German-Scandinavian literary relations, German and Austrian literature late 19th and early 20th century

Email: strumper.krobb@ucd.ie


Dr Siobhán Donovan

Interests: 18th-19th century literature and history of ideas, Adaptation studies, 19th-century opera as adaptive genre, contemporary Swiss-German literature

Email: siobhan.donovan@ucd.ie

Dr Joseph Twist

The intersection of philosophy and religion, and the reconceptualisation of community, subjectivity and belonging in contemporary German culture, with a particular focus on minority German literature and writers of a Muslim background.

Email: joseph.twist@ucd.ie

Prof Anne Fuchs

German modernism/classical modernity; postwar and contemporary German literature; cultural theories of time and temporality; German cultural memory since 1945; German-Jewish literature, cultural theory.

Email: anne.fuchs@ucd.ie 



  Name & Research Interests

Dr Paolo Acquaviva

The intersection between syntax, semantics, and morphology; lexical semantics and conceptualization; lexical categories, especially nouns and the linguistic encapsulation of mental ontology; number and countability; the grammatical and mental representation of proper names; Distributed Morphology and the status of word roots; Irish morphosyntax.

Email: paolo.acquaviva@ucd.ie

Ursula Fanning

Associate Professor Ursula Fanning

Gender and genre; Italian women's writing, especially nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction (and its critical reception both in Italy and beyond); autobiographical writing; feminist, literary and psychoanalytical theory; the theatre of Luigi Pirandello.

Email: ursula.fanning@ucd.ie


Assistant Professor Francesco Lucioli

Early-modern Italian literature, language and culture, in both Neo-Latin and the vernacular; relationship between literature and visual arts; relationship between literature and religion; Renaissance and Baroque Rome; chivalric and epic poetry; women's writing and the "querelle des femmes"; ethics and conduct literature; art of memory; history of theatre; Renaissance debate on language and grammar; eighteenth-century satirical writings.

Email: francesco.lucioli@ucd.ie


Spanish and Portuguese

  Name & Research Interests

Dr Philip Johnston

Twentieth-Century Spanish literature (especially Antonio Machado and the Generation of 1927); Translation.

Dr Tara Plunkett

Surrealism in Spain and Mexico; the historical avant-gardes; visual cultures; gender studies; hybrid bodies/identities; the 1927 Generation in Spain.

Email: tara.plunkett@ucd.ie


Dr Jeremy Squires

The novels of the Franco era; the work of Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio and Miguel Delibes; peninsular literature from the late nineteenth-century to the present. Aspects of Latin-American fiction.

Email: jeremy.squires@ucd.ie

Pascale Baker

Dr Pascale Baker

Banditry in Latin American literature and culture from the 19th century to the present, narco-culture and narco-literature, cultural representations of women bandits, rebels and fighters in Latin America, masculinities and violence in Latin American literature.

Email: pascale.baker@ucd.ie

Dr Diana Battaglia

Latin American literature, especially Cuban literature; the relationship between contemporary cultural production, cultural identity and society in Cuba; Spanish and Latin American detective fiction, and the representation of cultural memory and cultural identity in crime fiction.

Email: diana.battaglia@ucd.ie



  Name & Research Interests

Prof Jamal Ouhalla

Syntactic theory; Historical Syntax

Email: jamal.ouhalla@ucd.ie


Prof Bettina Migge

Contact Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Creole languages (sociolinguistics, pragmatics, genesis, applied linguistics), the sociolinguistics of Irish English, language documentation and language description, language and migration, language variation and change, language ideology

Email: bettinamigge@ucd.ie


Asst Prof Maire Ni Chiosain

Phonology, Phonetics, Phonology and phonetics of Irish and Celtic languages, Minority languages

Email: maire.nichiosain@ucd.ie


Feargal Murphy

Philosophy of Language, Language Acquisition and Impairment, and Semantics.

Email: feargal.murphy@ucd.ie

Dr Sandrine Perladi

Corpus linguistics, terminology, translation and discourse analysis.

Email: sandrine.peraldi@ucd.ie


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