PhD in Social Justice 
Name Thesis Title Date Supervisor
Meadbh Savage The role of affective equality in social care work with vulnerable women Current Kathleen Lynch
Nusha Yonkova Comparative analysis of policies and assistance measures for victims of human trafficking Current Ursula Barry
John Lynch  The Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty in Prisons Current Judy Walsh & Michael Rush
John Tully  Is the Charter of Fundamental Rights opening up a new frontier in human rights protection in Europe? Current Judy Walsh
Margaret Crowley  Discrimination in child protection  Current Judy Walsh
Pauline McHugh  Equality and precarious workers in academia Current  Judy Walsh & Dorota Szewela
Tina Bedenik Exploring discourses surrounding different forms of female genital surgery from a feminist perspective Current Ursula Barry
Toni Lambe   The role of adult literacy tutors: The conflict between theory and practice Current  Karen Smith & Judy Walsh
Lisa M. Phelan Voter Turnout and Socio-Economic Disadvantage Current Judy Walsh & David Farrell
Anna Visser Funding Dissent: The implications of state support for NGO advocacy on participatory democracy in Ireland 2018 Marie Moran 
Ebun Joseph  Racial Stratification in the Irish Labour Market  2016  Ursula Barry & Alice Feldman
Margaret Crean  Care consciousness: classed care and relational justice 2016 Kathleen Lynch
Maureen Ikeotuonye Western ‘Wo-Men’s’ Social Mission and the Gender/Engendering Dimensions of Coloniality in Africa  2015 Judy Walsh 
Luciana Lolich Educating for a Smart Economy – Students’ experience in Higher Education in Ireland 2015 Kathleen Lynch
Erika Bernacchi Exploring Intercultural Feminist Practices in Italy - from global sisterhood to reflexive solidarity 2014 Ursula Barry
Susan Flynn  Hollywood, Ideology and Disability 2014 Judy Walsh 
Niamh McCrea

Philanthropy, Equality and Community Development in the Migrants’ Rights Sector in Ireland

2014 John Baker
Grainne Lucey 

Julia Kristeva and the Theorisation of Maternity

2014 Katherine O'Donnell & Dermot Moran 
Blathnaid Nolan Power, Punishment and Penance: An Archival Analysis of the Transportation of Women from Grange Gorman in Dublin to Hobart Town 2013 Katherine O'Donnell 
Kwesi Tsri Africans Are Not Black: The Case for Conceptual Liberation 2013 John Baker
Kevin Hurley The Principle of Equality in State-Funded Adult Education: A Critique 2012 Kathleen Lynch
Michael P. Connolly 'Gay Men's Experience of the Irish Health Service: Cultural and Affective Issues.' 2012 Kathleen Lynch and Judy Walsh
Regina A. Joye 'Migrant Nurses in the Global Care Chain: The Experience of Filipino Nurses in Ireland.' 2012 Sara Cantillon
Martina Goudie-Hutton Consuming Stress: Towards a New View of Female Stress & Coping 2012 Sara Cantillon
John Bosco Conama Finnish and Irish sign languages: an egalitarian analysis of language policies and their effects 2010 Kathleen Lynch
Catherine Conlon Coming to know women concealing pregnancy 2010 Ursula Barry & P. Kennedy 
Loretta Crawley 'Women in Old Age: an egalitarian analysis of the emotional significance of age-based inequalities.' 2010 Kathleen Lynch
Marie Moran 'The idea of identity in contemporary capitalism.' 2010 John Baker
Geraldine Joan Cuddihy 'Journeys in the night: the case of Julia Kristeva.' 2009 Mary Montaut
Niall Hanlon 'Masculinities and affective equality: love labour and care labour in men's lives.' 2008 Kathleen Lynch
Maggie Feeley 'Adult literacy and affective equality: recognising the pivotal role of care in the learning relationship.' 2007 Kathleen Lynch
Shari L. McDaid 'Power, empowerment and user involvement in the Public Mental Health Services in Ireland.' 2007 Kathleen Lynch
Sonja Tiernan 'The literary life of Eva Gore-Booth (1870-1926).' 2007 Katherine O'Donnell
Tanya Saroj Bakhru 'Globalization and reproductive health: a cross-cultural study.' 2006 Aibhe Smyth
Maurice Murphy 'The Leaving Certificate Applied and equality of educational opportunity for working-class girls.' 2006 Kathleen Lynch 
Deiric Ó Broin 'Participatory democracy, representation and accountability: some lessons from Ireland's community sector.' 2006 John Baker
Tarig Misbah Yousif 'Parity not charity: the integration of African convention refugees into Irish society: an insider perspective.' 2006  Kathleen Lynch
Rosemary Gibney ‘The theory and practice of lesbian sexuality: a critical analysis of the theory and politics of lesbian sexuality in second wave feminism with specific reference to sexual desire, sexual practices and sexual identity.' 2005 Aibhe Smyth 
Henry McClave 'Education for citizenship: a capabilities approach.' 2005 Kathleen Lynch & G. Gaden
Maeve O'Brien 'Mothers' emotional care work in education: the moral imperative and inequalities in capitals.' 2005 Kathleen Lynch 
Catherine Darcel Barron 'Self-imagining in the space of the woman's writing (and painting) of Anne Le Marquand Hartigan.' 2004 Aibhe Smyth
Marie Hammond Callaghan 'Gender, 'difference' and the 'politics of location' : situating women's peace activism within Northern Ireland and Quebec/Canada in conflict and crisis, 1970.1972.' 2004 Ursula Barry
Jacqueline Morrissey 'An examination of the relationship between the Catholic Church and the medical profession in Ireland in the period 1922-1992, with particular emphasis on the impact of this relationship in the field of reproductive medicine.' 2004 Aibhe Smyth
Susan A. Miner 'The Intersectionality of Silences: Parity-Impeding Cultural Norms Impacting on Lesbian Partnerships.' 2003 Kathleen Lynch
Teresa C. Nyland 'An exploration of governance within community fora affiliated to area based partnerships in Ireland.' 2003 V. Barry & P. Kennedy 
Gail Rosemary Freyne 'Women, nature and care: towards an ecofeminist model of family therapy.' 2001 A. Fogarty 
Fidelma Farley 'Aisling: The female and national body in films about Ireland.' 1999 Aibhe Smyth
Valerie Bresnihan ‘Irish political culture : a symbolic analysis’ 1997 John Baker
Phylis E. Murphy ‘The effects of longterm unemployment from an equality perspective’ 1992 Kathleen Lynch