Colleagues in our school publish not only academic articles and books, they also contribute to policy reports, newspaper articles and blogs. We also run Working Paper Series to inform academics and the public about our latest research findings. For specific publications please consult the staff pages. Below is a selection of our most recent books and further links to publications reports and the UCD research repository.


Our most recent books


New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment - Edited by Clara Fischer & Luna Dolezal


Men and Masculinities, Special Issue November 2017; "Parenting and Policy in a Post-Patriarchal Europe", by Dr Michael Rush


Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe; Mobilizing against Equality (eds. Roman Kuhar and David Patternotte) "Defending Catholic Ireland" (co-authors, Drs Mary McAuliffe and Sinead Kennedy)

Keenan/Zinsstag book cover Restorative Justice

Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence - By Drs Marie Keenan and Estelle Zinsstag (2017)

 Thomas Murray Book


Contesting Economic and Social Rights in Ireland: Constitution, State and Society 1848-2016 - By Dr Thomas Murray




 Crespi and Ruspini Book w/MR article

Balancing Work and Family in Changing Society: The Father’s Perspective Edited by Elizabetta Ruspini and Isabella Crespi; "Changing Fatherhood and fathering across cultures towards convergence in work-life balance: divergent progress or stalemate?" - by Michael Rush and R. R. Seward

Models of Mental Health - Foundations of Mental Health Practice. Davidson, Campbell, Mulholland and Shannon

Models of Mental Health

Gavin Davidson, Jim Campbell, Ciaran Shannon and Ciaran Mulholland

Social Work in Ireland. Changes and Continuities Edited by Alastair Christie, Brid Featherstone, Suzanne Quin (UCD), Trish Walsh (2015) with contributions by Muireann Ní Raghallaigh, Valerie O'Brien, Anna Jennings, Elaine Wilson, Hilda Loughran, Sarah Donnelly

Identity and Capitalism

Marie Moran (2015)


Between Two Worlds of Father Politics: USA or Sweden? (link for the UK)

Michael Rush (2015)

book image

Japanese Women in Science and Engineering: History and Policy Change

Naonori Kodate & Kashiko Kodate (2016)

Gender Equality Policy in Ireland (EU Report)

Ursula Barry (2015)

book image 3

Histories of the Irish Future

Brian Fanning (2014)


Sociology in Ireland: A Short History


Bryan Fanning and Andreas Hess (2014)


book image


Meaning and Measurement in Comparative Housing Research


Edited by Mark Stephens & Michelle Norris (2014)


The Books that Define Ireland

Bryan Fanning and Tom Garvin (2014)


See also a video from the book launch

 Judy Walsh Book - Ireland and the European Convention on Human Rights: 60 Years and Beyond

Ireland and the European Convention on Human Rights: 60 Years and Beyond

Suzanne Egan, Liam Thornton and Judy Walsh (2014)

book image 4

Broken Faith: Why Hope Matters

Edited by Patrick Claffey, Joe Egan and Marie Keenan (2013)

image 4

Key Themes in Social Policy

By Patricia Kennedy (2013)

book 5

Foster care and supported lodgings for separated asylum seeking young people in Ireland: the views of young people, carers and stakeholders
By Muireann Ni Raghallaigh (2013)



By Marie Keenan (2011)


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