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Colleagues in our school publish not only academic articles and books, they also contribute to policy reports, newspaper articles and blogs. We also run Working Paper Series to inform academics and the public about our latest research findings. For specific publications please consult the staff pages. Below is a selection of our most recent books and further links to publications reports and the UCD research repository.

Our most recent books


Bryan Fanning ( Mar. 2023) Public Morality and the Culture Wars: The Triple Divide  Emerald Press.  Publication: 30th March 2023. MORE


Bryan Fanning ( Nov. 2021) Migration and the Making of Ireland  Indiana University Press

Description: Ireland has been shaped by centuries of emigration as millions escaped poverty, famine, religious persecution, and war. But what happens when we reconsider this well-worn history by exploring the ways Ireland has also been shaped by immigration?

From slave markets in Viking Dublin to social media use by modern asylum seekers, Migration and the Making of Ireland identifies the political, religious, and cultural factors that have influenced immigration to Ireland over the span of four centuries. A senior scholar of migration and social policy, Bryan Fanning offers a rich understanding of the lived experiences of immigrants. Using first-hand accounts of those who navigate citizenship entitlements, gender rights, and religious and cultural differences in Ireland, Fanning reveals a key yet understudied aspect of Irish history.

Engaging and eloquent, Migration and the Making of Ireland provides long overdue consideration to those who made new lives in Ireland even as they made Ireland new.

BryanFanningThreeRoadsbook image

Bryan Fanning Three Roads to the Welfare State Liberalism, Social Democracy and Christian Democracy Bristol: Policy Press ISBN 978-1447360322 Published Sep 3, 2021

Description: This interdisciplinary analysis casts new light on the construction of social policy in Europe. Within the contexts of three important traditions--social democracy, Christian democracy and liberalism--it traces the protagonists and beliefs that influenced social change. It is an accessible and illuminating guide to the achievements and legacies of welfare state progress since the Industrial Revolution.

Prof. Bryan Fanning has contributed an article based on the book entitled ‘The inevitability of social policy’ to the blog Transforming Society published by Bristol University Press and Policy Press.  . The full article can be accessed here


International Perspectives on Social Work and Political Conflict Edited By Joe Duffy, Jim Campbell, Carol Tosone ISBN 9781032087283 Published June 30, 2021 by Routledge

Description: International Perspectives on Social Work and Political Conflict provides an important basis for readers to recognise and understand the unique and specialist role that social workers have played and continue to play in international contexts of political conflict. Social workers make an important contribution in these difficult and sometimes dangerous situations across all continents. This book highlights the importance of social work in these very challenging contexts.


Mental Health Social Work in Ireland Edited By Jim Campbell, Roger Manktelow ISBN 9781138361614 Published February 26, 2020 by Routledge

Description: First published in 1998, this pioneering text examines how social, political and organisational changes in Ireland have shaped mental health social work practice in the late twentieth century. The co-editors have gathered together a range of contributors who provide knowledge and expertise in a variety of disciplines and practice settings which helps reveal the complex relationship between mental health social work, the citizen and the state in Ireland, North and South. The volume includes chapters on a range of current issues facing mental health social workers and practitioners drawing on various sources in Ireland, Europe and North America. These include psychiatric social work practice, mental health policy, mental health social work and the law, community care policies, addictions work, and work with older people.


Japanese Handbook on Social Welfare in UK & Ireland (Social Welfare of the World series, Vol.1) Edited by Kaneko K, Kodate Naonori Published 2019

Description: Five academics in the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice contributed to the edited book “Global Social Welfare” (Sekai no Shakai Fukushi/新·世界の社会福祉), published by Junpōsha Ltd. in Japan.

Profs. Jim Campbell and Michelle Norris, Assoc. Prof. Naonori Kodate and Assist. Profs. Sarah Donnelly and Elaine Wilson wrote the entire section (8 chapters) on Ireland in Volume 1, while Dr Kodate edited the volume with Prof. Koichi Kaneko (Social Welfare, Toyo University). Dr Kodate also translated the chapters from English to Japanese for this Volume. In total, there are 12 volumes (including 4 on Western Europe, 3 on Asia, Russia & Eastern Europe, USA & Canada, Latin America, Africa and International Organisations).

Junpōsha was founded in 1949 (Headquarter in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan), and is a highly regarded publisher, particularly in the areas of legal studies (labour law) and social welfare. Ireland had never been included in this 12-volume Handbook on Social Welfare, till now (https://gsw.junposha.com/). The copies are distributed and read widely in universities and public libraries across the country.


Hilda Loughran Counselling skills for social workers Routledge Published 10 Dec 2018

Keenan/Zinsstag book cover Restorative Justice

Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence - By Drs Marie Keenan and Estelle Zinsstag (2017)


Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe; Mobilizing against Equality (eds. Roman Kuhar and David Patternotte) "Defending Catholic Ireland" (co-authors, Drs Mary McAuliffe and Sinead Kennedy Published by Perlego 2017 

Models of Mental Health - Foundations of Mental Health Practice. Davidson, Campbell, Mulholland and Shannon

Models of Mental Health

Gavin Davidson, Jim Campbell, Ciaran Shannon and Ciaran Mulholland

AntiGenderCampaigns2017 Social Work in Ireland. Changes and Continuities Edited by Alastair Christie, Brid Featherstone, Suzanne Quin (UCD), Trish Walsh (2015) with contributions by Muireann Ní Raghallaigh, Valerie O'Brien, Anna Jennings, Elaine Wilson, Hilda Loughran, Sarah Donnelly

Michelle Norris (2016) Property, Family and the Irish Welfare State Published by Palgrave Macmillan  

Identity and Capitalism

Marie Moran (2015)


Between Two Worlds of Father Politics: USA or Sweden? (link for the UK)

Michael Rush (2015)

book image

Japanese Women in Science and Engineering: History and Policy Change

Naonori Kodate & Kashiko Kodate (2016)

Gender Equality Policy in Ireland (EU Report)

Ursula Barry (2015)

book image 3

Histories of the Irish Future

Brian Fanning (2014)

Sociology in Ireland: A Short History

Bryan Fanning and Andreas Hess (2014)

book image

Meaning and Measurement in Comparative Housing Research

Edited by Mark Stephens & Michelle Norris (2014)

The Books that Define Ireland

Bryan Fanning and Tom Garvin (2014)

See also a video from the book launch

 Judy Walsh Book - Ireland and the European Convention on Human Rights: 60 Years and Beyond

Ireland and the European Convention on Human Rights: 60 Years and Beyond

Suzanne Egan, Liam Thornton and Judy Walsh (2014)

book image 4

Broken Faith: Why Hope Matters

Edited by Patrick Claffey, Joe Egan and Marie Keenan (2013)

image 4

Key Themes in Social Policy

By Patricia Kennedy (2013)

book 5

Foster care and supported lodgings for separated asylum seeking young people in Ireland: the views of young people, carers and stakeholders
By Muireann Ni Raghallaigh (2013)

By Marie Keenan (2011)

Older publication reports of books, articles and anthologies can be found here:

School of Applied Social Sciences 2013/14 http://www.ucd.ie/research/publications/20132014/humansciences/schoolofappliedsocialscience/

School of Social Justice 2013/14 http://www.ucd.ie/research/publications/20132014/humansciences/schoolofsocialjustice/

UCD library repository

We also supporting open access to our publications. Original articles or final submissions can be accessed through the UCD library repository: http://researchrepository.ucd.ie/handle/10197/6629

Older publications can be found here (until mid 2015)

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