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Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

WP44‌ Comparative Family Policies and the Politics of Parental Leave in the USA

Dr Michael Rush and Prof R. R. Seward

WP43 Theorizing Fatherhood, welfare and the decline of patriarchy in Japan 

Dr Michael Rush

WP42 Formal & informal kinship care: complexities, dilemmas and a way forward?
Dr Valerie O'Brien


WP41 Positioning and Respectful Professional Interventions for Working with the Legacy of Irish Institutional Care
Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP40 (pdf) Fathers, Fathering, and Fatherhood across Cultures: Convergence or Divergence?
Prof. Rudy Ray Seward & Dr Mick Rush 

WP39 C‌hildren in Care, Adoption and Permanency
Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP38‌ Housing Density and Quality of Life: Evidence from the European Social Survey
Dr Nessa Winston

WP37 Privatizing Public Housing Redevelopment: Grassroots Resistance, Co-operation, Devastation in Three Dublin Neighborhoods
Dr Michelle Norris & Dr Rory Hearne

WP36 Navigating Child Welfare and Protection in Ireland with the Help of the Fifth Providence
Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP35 An Application of the Fifth Province Model to Kinship Care Networks
Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP34 Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence: Ireland Joins the International Debate
Dr Marie Keenan & Ms Niamh Joyce

WP33 Restorative Justice, Sexual Violence, and the Criminal Justice System
Ms Niamh Joyce & Dr Marie Keenan‌

WP32 Social Work and Welfare Dr Michael Rush and Dr Marie Keenan 
Dr Michael Rush & Dr Marie Keenan

WP31 Social Networking, Adoption and Search and Reunion Dr Valerie O'Brien  
Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP30  Human Rights and Social Justice Mr Justin McCarthy and Dr Marie Keenan 
Mr Justin McCarthy & Dr Marie Keenan

WP29  Kinship Care: Stability, Disruption and the Place of Support Services Dr Valerie O'Brien  
Dr Valerie O'Brien

Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP27 Kinship Care: Enhanced Support Needed? Dr Valerie O'Brien

WP25 Responding to the Call: A New Conceptual Model for Kinship Care Assessment

Responding to the Call: A New Conceptual Model for Kinship Care Assessment

WP23 Women’s Experiences of Gender Based Violence in Tigray, Ethiopia.  
Dr Muireann Ní Raghallaigh & Dr Mary Allen

WP22 Women’s Experiences of Gender Based Violence in Tigray, Ethiopia. SUMMARY REPORT 
Dr Muireann Ní Raghallaigh & Dr Mary Allen

WP21 Small bang? The impact of divorce legislation on marital breakdown in Ireland  
Prof Tony Fahey

WP20 Home Ownership and Income Inequality Trends in Western Europe  
Dr Michelle Norris & Dr Nessa Winston

WP19 Does Home Ownership Reinforce or Counterbalance Income Inequality? 
Dr Michelle Norris & Dr Nessa Winston

WP18 Domestic Violence Within The Travelling Community: A Challenge for Social Work.  
Dr Mary Allen

WP17 Violence and Voice: Using a Feminist Constructivist Grounded Theory to Explore Women’s Resistance to Abuse 
Dr Mary Allen

WP16 Is there Gender Symmetry in Intimate Partner Violence?  
Dr Mary Allen

WP15 How Housing Killed the Celtic Tiger: Anatomy, Consequences adn Lessons from Ireland's Housing Boom and Bust 2000 - 2009
Dr Michelle Norris

Working Paper 14 Poverty and the Two Concepts of Relative Deprivation
Prof Tony Fahey

WP 13: 'If You Build It, They Will Come': Governing Property-Led Rural Regeneration in Ireland
Menelaos Gkartzios and Dr Michelle Norris

WP 12:Immigrant political participation in the Republic of Ireland: Socio-political capital and motivational stakes
Prof Bryan Fanning and Neil O’Boyle

WP 11: Using non-Monetary Deprivation Indicators to Analyse Poverty and Social Exclusion in Rich Countries: Lessons from Europe?
Prof Brian Nolan & Christopher T Whelan

Prof Brian Nolan

WP 9: Housing and the Welfare State: An Overview
Prof Tony Fahey and Dr Michell Norris

WP 8: The two Worlds of Father Politics in the Republic of Ireland: The Scandinavian Model or the United States Model?
Dr Michael Rush

WP 7: Second Homes Within Irish Housing Booms and Busts: North-South Comparisons, Contrasts and Debates
Dr Michelle Norris, Prof Chris Paris & Dr Nessa Winston

WP 6: The European Politics of Apolitical Integration: Policy harmonization, cultural convergence and the case of the Republic of Ireland
Prof Bryan Fanning

WP 5: From Asset Based Welfare to Welfare Housing: The Changing Meaning of Social Housing in Ireland
Dr Michelle Norris and Prof Tony Fahey

WP 4: Immigration Diffusion and Socio-Spatial Segregationin Dublin 1996-2006
Prof Bryan Fanning & Prof Tony Fahey

WP 3: Immigration, integration and risks of social exclusion: The social policy case for disaggregated data in the Republic of Ireland
Bryan Fanning & Neil O' Boyle

WP 2: The Welfare State, National Identity and European Integration
Prof Tony Fahey 

WP 1: Inequality and Public Policy
Prof Brian Nolan

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