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University Certificate in Women, Gender and Social Justice

The National Framework of Qualifications Level 7 University Certificate in Social Justice explores the questions of feminism, Gender Equality, social equalities and inequalities and many more through reading, critical dialogue, thinking and discussion as well as assignments and essays. All assessment is continuous and we consider all students motivated to participate fully in the programme.

University Certificate in Women, Gender and Social Justice

(20 Credits, Level 7)

The University Certificate in Women, Gender and Social Justice Programme has developed from the University Certificate in Women's Studies that served as an important route of access and progression mainly for women students from working class and disadvantaged backgrounds.

The certificate programme aims to provide the following:

  • Develop students’ communication, study, writing and analytical skills, enhancing their self-esteem and intellectual confidence.
  • Facilitate students to think critically about their individual experiences and their relationship to the issues and politics that affect their communities.
  • Introduce students to the study of history, literature, art, film, sociology, psychology, philosophy and politics.
  • Build on participants’ existing education and training to strengthen and diversify their employment opportunities.
Recruitment criteria

Working closely with our community partners in Ronanstown Women's CDP, our approach to recruitment is as inclusive as possible. The Certificate Programme is open to all women who have completed their secondary level education OR who have suitable experience or educational/training qualifications. All women who display the motivation, interest and commitment to pursue this course are considered.

University Diploma in Women, Gender and Social Justice

(60 Credits, Level 7)

Developed in direct response to a progression need identified by our certificate programme graduates this Undergraduate Diploma draws on the successful certificate outreach model.

The Diploma programme aims to provide the following:

  • Provide students with the credentials and skills necessary for further academic pursuits across a range of disciplines
  • Expand students’ communication, study, writing and analytical skills, consolidating and enhancing their intellectual confidence
  • Strengthen and diversify students’ employment opportunities
  • Provide progression opportunities to Women wishing to continue within tertiary education
  • Facilitate students’ increased participation in civil society and public life
Recruitment criteria

The course is open to all women who have completed the Level 7 University Certificate in Women’s Studies, UCD. In this case successful students from the UCD Women’s Studies certificate carry forward their 30 certificate credits. They then take an additional 30 credits at level 7 leading to the Diploma Award. In this situation students will rescind their certificate in favour of the higher award. In addition, interested individuals with 30 credits at Level 7 in a cognate discipline will be considered. In exceptional circumstances we may consider those who have suitable experience or training qualifications.

Module Confirmation
Module Code Module Co-ordinator and Lecturer Prog Code Major Code
WS 20130 Diversity, Culture E Vasquez del Aguila DPHSC007 W260
WS 20120 Daughters of Eve A Quilty DPHSC007 W260
WS 20070 Women, Art and Activism A Quilty DPHSC007 W260
WS 20080 Feminist Theory to practice A Quilty DPHSC007 W260

Gender Studies at UCD has from the outset, as Women's Studies, welcomed people from diverse backgrounds and with a broad range of life-experiences. Our outreach programme represents an excellent example of how the gap between University and Community might be bridged through innovative delivery models, pedagogic approaches and increased diversity among the student body. We deliver a Certificate Programme at Level 7 (NQF) and place great importance on student supports and mentoring to facilitate students’ access, full participation, completion and progression.

Longford Women's Link became our first outreach partner in 1996. Clondaklin Women’s Community Education Forum, hosted by Ronanstown CDP and the Loreto Centre Crumlin have been in partnership with Women’s Studies, UCD, since 1999/2000 and remain so to this day. A total of 21 programmes with these three partners have been delivered.

We welcome the opportunity to work with new community partners to develop and deliver exciting, locally specific programmes.

I invite you to read about our outreach programme in more detail including what our students have to say about their experience and time with us.

Thank you for your interest,


For further information on any aspect of UCD Women's Studies Outreach contact:
Dr Aideen Quilty
UCD Women’s Studies Outreach Director
UCD Women’s Studies Centre
University College Dublin
Dublin 4
Phone: + 353 1 716 7327
E-mail: aideen.quilty@ucd.ie

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