Social Justice is available as part of a joint major on the BSc Social Sciences programme. You will study Social Justice along with another Social Science subject. You can read the prospectus here.

Why study Social Justice?  

If would like to acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and challenge injustice and help bring about social change then the study of Social Justice is right for you. The subject of Social Justice draws on a range of academic disciplines in order to advance understanding of issues such as inequality, discrimination and human rights abuses. On completion of your studies you will have acquired an in-depth understanding of the underlying causes of and remedies for social and economic injustice, which will equip you for further study or employment in fields such as public policy; international development; human rights; community development; social research; advocacy/campaigning.

What will I study? 

The undergraduate programme in Social Justice at UCD address themes such as global poverty and inequality; gender and sexual inequality; human rights and social justice; inequality in Irish society; childhood inequality; social justice movements; racism; and the problems and possibilities of economic development. Over the course of your four-year programme in Social Justice you will engage with an effective, research-led, evidence-based, socially engaged curriculum. You will advance your knowledge about the key social issues of the 21st century, while developing your skills in relation to critical thinking, research, analysis, problem-solving and communication.

Lecturers in Social Justice are highly rated by students and a number have won university learning and teaching awards. We place a strong emphasis on participatory learning and your studies will take place within a supportive and stimulating environment where you will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded people who share your interest in Social Justice. Our aim is to support students to become critical, reflective citizens with the capacity to act as effective agents of change locally and globally.
Student Testimonial

"The multi-disciplinary nature of Social Justice - including topics such as feminist theory, and critical theories of international economics- has refined my analytical skills. To those who seek not only to understand how the world is but also why it is that way, I recommend studying Social Justice in UCD."
Adam Boyle, currently completing studies in Social Justice in UCD (as a Minor in conjunction with Law)