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BSocSc Community Drugs and Alcohol Pathway

Bachelor of Social Science - Community Drugs and Alcohol Pathway and Progression Route

This pathway to the award of the University College Dublin NFQ Level 8 BSocSc degree is only available to students who have completed the University Diploma in Community Drugs and Alcohol Support. This is a unique progression pathway designed to offer students who may have found difficulty accessing higher education through traditional routes the opportunity to complete a Bachelors degree with considerable cachet amongst potential employers, both in Ireland and internationally. The Social Policy major component of this pathway also fulfils one of the important criteria for entry into the MSocSc Social Work. Students enter directly into Stage 2 of the BSocSc programme and, if all modules are passed, complete it in 2 years. This progression pathway is unique to the School and University College Dublin. Details of the progression pathway are outlined below:

Students joining this pathway through the BSocSc must have achieved a GPA of at least 3.08 across their modules in the University Certificate in Drugs and Alcohol Support. Applications open in early march of each year and must be completed by the 1st of July prior to entry via the CAO. Details of the procedure can be found here. (DN750 information)

The BSocSc Community Drugs and Alcohol Pathway is a BSocSc with a joint major in Social Policy and Sociology (minimum 50 credits of Social Policy Modules and 50 credits of Sociology modules at levels 2 and 3). Please note, due to the fact that the University Certificate in Drugs and Alcohol Support is a purely Social Policy programme and does not include any Sociology modules, progression pathway students are required to meet the standard  BSocSc Stage 1 progression requirement of completing 20 credits of level 1 Sociology modules. This has been worked into the curriculum below, however it does mean that the programme only has a single, 5 credit, elective slot available over the 2 years.


All modules are 5 credits unless otherwise stated. Note option modules are indicative and exact list may change from year to year.

Stage 2:

Sociology Major Core modules:

SOC 10010 – Foundations of Sociology – Semester 1

SOC 10020 – Introduction to Sociology – Semester 1

SOC 20100 – Sociological Theory Level 2 – Semester 1

SOC 10060 – Ireland in Perspective – Semester 2

SOC 10070 – Sociological Analysis – Semester 2

Sociology Option modules (choose one from the modules below):

PHIL 20410 – Philosophy and Sociology of Education – Semester 1

SOC 20040 – Sociology of Gender – Semester 1

SOC 20070 – Social Anthropology – Semester 1

STAT 10010 – Research Methods – Semester 1

SOC 20170 – Economic Sociology – Semester 2

SOC 20210 – Animals and Human Society – Semester 2

SOC 20220 – Sociology of Contemporary Life – Semester 2

SOC 20230 – Analytical Sociology – Semester 2

Social Policy Major Core Modules:

SPOL 10010 – Social Policy Theories and Concepts 1 (Semester 1)

SPOL 10030 – Understanding Social Problems and Policies (Semester 1)

SPOL 10180 – History of Irish Social Policy (Semester2)

SPOL 20050 – Economics of Social Policy (Semester 2)

SPOL 20260 – Social Protection: Security, Work and Poverty (Semester 2)

Social Policy Option modules (choose one from the list below)

SPOL 20280 – Housing Policies and Neighbourhoods (Semester 1)

SPOL 20290 – Introduction to Social Work (Semester 1)

SPOL 20040 – Gender, Social Policy and Inequality (Semester 2)

Stage 3

Sociology Major Core modules:

SOC 20050 – Qualitative Research Methods (Semester 1)

Sociology Option Modules (choose any 5 from the modules below)

SOC 30090 – Crime and Society (Semester 1)

SOC 30220 – Science and Society (Semester 1)

SOC 30260 – Sociology of Nations (Semester 1)

SOC 30330 – Contemporary Theory (Semester 1)

SOC 30350 – Work and Social Stratification (Semester 1)

STAT 10010 – Research Methods (Semester 1)

SOC 30040 – Governance in Society (Semester 2)

SOC 30080 – Health, Illness and Society (Semester 2)

SOC 30100 – American Society (Semester 2)

SOC 30290 – Social Data Analytics (Semester 2)

SOC 30370 – Historical Sociololgy (Semester 2)

Social Policy Core modules:

SPOL 30100 – Policy Making, Implementation and Evaluation (Semester 1)

SPOL 30350 – Comparing European and Asian Social Policy (Semester 1)

SPOL 30280 – Social Policy Capstone Essay (Semester 2)

Social Policy Option Modules (choose any two from the list below)

SPOL 30050 – Comparative Social Policy (Semester 1)

SPOL 30200 – Crime, Social Services and the Justice System (Semester 1)

SPOL 30220 – Social Policy and the Environment (Semester 1)

SPOL 30330 – Sexual and Reproductive Justice (Semester 1)

SPOL 30340 – Immigration and Irish Society (Semester 1)

SPOL 30060 – Social Work in Practice (Semester 2)

SPOL 30310 – Understanding Irish Modernization (Semester 2)

SPOL 30320 – Intergenerational Justice and Policy (Semester 2)

Students may also take one free elective module in either their first or second year

For more information:

Please contact Martina Reidy (socialwork@ucd.ie), the course administrator, or Dr Sarah Morton (sarah.morton@ucd.ie), the programme coordinator.

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