Electives in Social Justice

If you are interested in gaining understanding of the various forms of inequality affecting people in Ireland and globally and in acquiring the knowledge and skills to help bring about social change you will want to undertake at least one elective module in Social Justice during your time in UCD. Our interdisciplinary modules will provide you with the theoretical and conceptual tools to explain and challenge inequality and injustice.

Lecturers in Social Justice are among the most highly rated in the university both for their innovative teaching methods and their care for students. A strong emphasis is placed on participatory learning. You will be provided with the opportunity to sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills within a supportive and stimulating environment and to engage with like-minded people who share your interest in Social Justice.


Structured Electives in Social Justice

Undertaking ‘structured electives’ is a straightforward way in which you can use your elective choices to further your interest and deepen your knowledge in a particular subject which is outside your main programme of study.

Students taking Social Justice electives (modules coded SSJ) and who successfully complete at least 15 credits of such undergraduate electives (that is, three Social Justice modules over the course of your primary degree) will have this automatically noted on their final UCD degree transcript. The transcript will state that you have completed 'Structured Electives in Social Justice', in addition to your main degree subjects.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career or further study in fields such as Equality Studies; Gender Studies; Human Rights; International Development; Humanitarian/Relief; Community Development; Policy Advocacy; Campaigning or just have a general interest in Social Justice completing ‘Structured Electives in Social Justice’ will be of benefit to you.

(Click here for more information on structured electives in social justice: http://www.ucd.ie/students/electives/structured-elective-F.html)


Undergraduate Modules in Social Justice 2017/18

There are a number of Social Justice modules to choose from at levels 1, 2 and 3. Modules address themes such as global justice, gender inequality in Ireland/globally, feminist theory, childhood inequality, human rights and social justice. Modules available in the 2017/18 academic year are:


Semester 1:

SSJ10020              Global Justice: Towards an Egalitarian Global Order (Level 1)

SSJ20010              Childhood Inequality in a Global Context (Level 2)

SSJ20060              Gender and Development: Local and Global Issues (Level 2)

SSJ20130             Global Crisis and Social Justice (Level 2)

SSJ30030              Disability and Equality (Level 3)

SSJ30040              Racism/Anti-Racism (Level 3)

SSJ30070              Gender, War and Violence (Level 3)

SSJ 38300           Public Interest Law (Level 3)


Semester 2:

SSJ10010              Human Rights and Social Justice (Level 1)

SSJ10070            Exploring Gender (Level 1)

SSJ10060              Inequality and Social Justice in Irish Society (Level 1)

SSJ20050              Social Justice Movements: Global and Local (Level 2)

SSJ20110              Gender, Power and Politics: Historical Perspectives (Level 2)

SSJ30080              Masculinities (Level 3)

SSJ30140              Travellers Ethnicity and Rights (Level 3)

SSJ 38210            Investigating Inequality (Level 3)


Further Information

For general information please contact the UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, Room A001a Hannah Sheehy Skeffington Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4.

Email: sp-sw-sj@ucd.ie Telephone: +353(0)17168198