Postgraduate Teaching in the Autumn Trimester

1st September 2020

The School of Sociology remains committed to the Health and Welfare of its students, faculty and staff and its wider community. It will at all times operate in line with prevailing Public Health advice. 

The information provided below reflects the current planning for our postgraduate programmes in the School of Sociology for the Autumn Trimester. We recognise that the response to COVID-19 is constantly evolving and our plans must be adaptable to this changing environment. Should restrictions be imposed or removed, the delivery of courses and their assessment may have to change at short notice.

We understand that UCD students value the opportunity to learn in a campus setting, but we also recognise that every face-to-face interaction, especially in larger groups, creates an opportunity for the transmission of the virus. Our students come from all across Ireland and the world, hence, we feel a responsibility to provide a safe environment that protects vulnerable groups, both among our staff and students, but also in their families and that does not undermine the public health efforts made elsewhere in society.

Therefore, the School of Sociology has adopted a more cautious approach. The majority of our postgraduate lectures and tutorials will take place online in the autumn trimester. In some circumstances, and permitting health guidelines issued by the government and the university, module coordinators may decide to have some limited face-to-face components. In this case, we ask all students to wear a facemask at all times (also during classes) and also maintain 2m distance to each other at any moment. But even in these cases, all efforts will be made to also make these sessions accessible online. 

At the School of Sociology we are aiming to offer the best possible educational experience that we can provide given the general circumstances and constraints in which we operate. This will include a mix of pre-recorded lectures and live sessions delivered online. From a pedagogical point of view, our main emphasis is on recreating interactive components in the current situation as best as we can. 

There will be a mixture of continuous assessment and coursework including such assignments as essays, MCQs and other forms of project-based work. Generally, there will be no timed end-of-term exams unless a module coordinator deems it absolutely necessary for pedagogical reasons.

Please be aware that many of the modules offered on the UCD School of Sociology postgraduate programmes are not delivered by the UCD School of Sociology. Modules offered by other Schools at UCD or, in the case of the MSc Comparative Social change, our partners at Trinity College Dublin may operate under different principles.