Exam FAQs May 2020


Terminal Assessment - FAQs for Students in School of Sociology

General questions around assessment are answered here. The below are specific to the School:


I can’t complete my online exam/essay on the day/time allotted to me – what do I do?

Your Module Coordinator will do what they can to facilitate you with an alternative deadline or other resolution where necessary and where appropriate. Please rest assured that your circumstances will be considered carefully.  An individual solution will be offered to each student.  You will need to note the issue and your circumstances on this form and await a response.


I can’t access Brightspace/I’m having technical issues – what do I do?

You can contact the IT Helpdesk at (01) 716 2700 or by emailing ithelpdesk@ucd.ie


I uploaded the wrong assignment/I uploaded an unfinished assignment/I uploaded one file with one question and now can’t submit another file - what do I do?

Don’t panic.  Email Sociology@ucd.ie and one of our administrators will help by deleting the uploaded material so that you can upload the correct file.  If there are delays and you have missed the submission date/time due to this issue, please note it on this form and any issues will be resolved later.


I filled out the form seeking an alternative submission date and have not heard anything back yet – what do I do?

Module Coordinators are deciding on individual cases as they arise. You will hear the decision as soon as possible and you will be given time to take the necessary and appropriate action.


I am registered with the Access & Lifelong Learning Centre and I usually get extra time to complete examinations.  Will I be given extra time? 

During the COVID-19 crisis it is recognized that every student has additional needs and extra time has been granted to every student within in the 4-hour window for online examinations, or extended deadlines for terminal assessment via essay.  As a student registered with a disability or additional need, your case will be considered at the School’s Examination Board and so you can rest assured that these considerations will apply to your very particular circumstances.