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Colin Barrett - Psychology

Colin Barrett – BA Psychology ‘13

I studied a BA Hons Psych in UCD, and subsequently went to the University of Edinburgh to study an MSc in Performance Psychology. I studied in UCD because the Boat Club is great, I was part of the Scéim Conaithe, and the course offered a lot of choice for modules in disparate areas. I wasn't sure what type of area I wanted to get into, clinical, corporate, counselling, or child/educational. I am really grateful I had a chance to learn a little about each. Coupled with statistics, and the theory of research have provided hard skills that I use every day in my current role. 

The MSc in Edinburgh built on Sports Psychology, and Organisational Psychology, and lead me into recruitment. I now work for Indeed, as a sourcer. I work on the strategic and technical side of in-house recruitment. Sourcing support both recruiters and the business to hire the right people, to address shortcomings in ability within the team, or to help us grow. It is more growth orientated rather than replacement planning. 

The end goal is to lead HR, Talent Management, akin to the role that Lazlo Bock created in Google. Data, HR Best practice, and people centric.

I am still really interested in Talent Management, Positive Psychology, and Organisational Development. Had it not been for the variety that was offered in UCD, I would likely not be working where I am now. 

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