Graduate Research and Innovations Fund Successful Candidates, Autumn 2017

The most recent round of the College of Social Sciences and Law Graduate School’s Graduate Research and Innovation Fund awardees are listed below:

  • Ms Angela Gissi (Geography) is awarded €200 towards expenses incurred attending the Middle Eastern Studies Network workshop in University of Exeter, July 2017;
  • Mr Jose Gutierrez (Sociology) is awarded €250 to present at the European Social Science History conference in Belfast, 4-7 April 2018;
  • Ms Claire Howlin (Psychology) is awarded €341-98 towards expenses incurred presenting at the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, Ghent, 31 July – 4 August 2017;
  • Ms Ashley McCall (Archaeology) is awarded €750 towards costs of presenting at the American Association of Physical Anthropologies in Austin, Texas, 11-14 April 2018;
  • Mr Jack McCarthy (Geography) is awarded €750 in order to present at the Association of American Geographers, New Orleans, 10-14 April 2018;
  • Ms Cliodhna O’Connor (Psychology) is awarded €750 for costs towards a poster presentation at the Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies conference in San Diego, 16-19 November 2017;
  • Ms Aine Rickard (Geography) is awarded €500 to present at the Adventure Tourism Research Association in Segovia, 31 January to 3 February 2018;
  • Ms Cinzia Ruggeri (Philosophy) is awarded €60 towards expenses incurred presenting at the Science of the Consciousness conference in San Diego in June 2017;
  • Mr David Stone (Archaeology) is awarded €250 towards his poster presentation at the Association of Environmental Archaeologies in Edinburgh, 1-3 December 2017;
  • Mr Wang Zizhen (Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice) is awarded €456.09 towards expenses incurred presenting at the Labour Market & Economic Perspectives on Large-scale Migration in Sociology, Mannheim, 17-18 November 2017

         October 2017

Graduate Research and Innovations Fund, General Information

The next call will be made in March 2018.

Grants of between €100 and €1000 may be made available by the College of Social Sciences & Law to support the educational, training and research endeavours of graduate research students within the Graduate School. Such funds may be applied to (but are not restricted to):

  • Participation at professional academic conferences (in Ireland and overseas) at which the student is presenting a paper (as sole or co-author) or poster.
  • Participation in professional academic workshops, symposia, summer schools or Master Classes at other university or research institutions to which the student has applied and been accepted and which are deemed appropriate by that student’s DSP.
  • Support for graduate student initiatives in organising graduate workshops, symposia or Master Classes to be held at UCD.
  • Support for the purchase of research infrastructure (software licences etc) only where such purchase will result in a net gain to the graduate community as a whole. Co-funding (from School, thematic programme and/or external agency) is a pre-condition for the consideration of such applications.
  • The event for which funding is being awarded must take place within six months before and six months after the submission deadline for the grant. Exceptions to this are only granted under very exceptional circumstances.
  • The fund cannot support basic research functions necessary to the research project itself such as field research, data gathering, data analysis etc. Applications to purchase personal computers, laptops or books cannot be accepted.

The following conditions apply to applications for the above:

  • All applicants must be fully registered graduate research students whose primary supervisor is a staff member of a School within the College of Social Sciences & Law at the time of claim.
  • All applicants must be in satisfactory fee status at the time of claim.
  • Incomplete and/or unsigned applications will not be considered.
  • Notification of awards will be made publicly on the Graduate School web site no later than 10 working days after the deadline.
  • A letter will be sent care of the applicant’s School confirming whether the applicant has been successful or not.
  • Claims must be submitted within one month from the date of the event for which the award has been made, or within one month of the award, whichever is later, otherwise this award will be disallowed. Claims should be submitted to the address below.
  • Claimants must submit their own claims. Claims should not be put through by a third party.
  • Please fill in as much detail as possible so that the Grif committee is able to assess the application to its best potential.
  • One application per event is required.
  • If the application is for a School organised conference, evidence of support from the School should be provided.
  • Please provide extra details if the application is to attend a workshop,

At least two calls for applications under the GRIF are made each year (October and April). A template for such applications is provided and completed applications must be signed by a member of the student’s DSP/MRP. Each application will be judged under specific criteria by a subcommittee nominated by the Graduate School Board. The Graduate School Director shall chair the subcommittee. The subcommittee’s decision is final.

In respect of applications for various categories of travel grant – and for indicative purposes only – the maximum likely award for Ireland-based events will be €250; for comparable events elsewhere in Europe, €500; and for exceptional overseas events, €750. All expenses (travel, subsistence, registration fees) must be specified in advance and itemised and evidenced by way of receipts on return. No funding will be made for non-receipted expenses and no advances may be paid. Students must submit original receipts and boarding pass stubs (if available) for reimbursement.

The selection criteria will be assessed on the value for money, impact to the applicant, School and College along with the quality of the application.

All claims for which the grant is sought must be submitted within one month to the CCSL Graduate School after the event takes place, or within one month of the award, whichever is later, otherwise they will be disallowed.

All recipients of GRIF support for presenting papers at professional academic conferences will be automatically included as applicants to submit their paper at the annual College of Social Sciences & Law Graduate Research Symposium and/or College-sponsored PhD roundtables.

Applicants must sign that they have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Graduate Research & Innovation Fund.

Download ‌Grif Template to Seek Funding 2018 (MS Word) 

Download Grif Terms and conditions 2018 (MS Word)

Applications should be sent by hard copy and email by 1pm on Friday 23rd March 2018 to:

Ms Margaret Brindley
Graduate School Manager
D111 Newman Building
Tel: +353 1 716 8268

Incomplete and late applications will not be processed.

Enda Murphy
Director, College of Social Sciences & Law Graduate School

Past Award Winners