Module Registration

All PhD students in the College must take 30 credits of taught modules over their programme. This requirement is to facilitate the PhD research, and to help the student develop transferable skills that will enhance career development. The School or Programme may recommend or require certain modules. Otherwise, you may choose from the full range of modules available throughout the University (subject to a place being available in the module) in consultation and agreement with your Principal Supervisor and DSP. (Students undertaking Thematic Programmes should consult with the Programme Coordinator/Administrator for specific modules that may be mandatory).

To enrol to modules, students should complete the module registration form, obtain the signature of their principal supervisor, and confirm that a place is available on the module. Submit the completed form to the Social Sciences and Law Graduate School Office (D111 Newman Building) within 2 weeks of the start of the module. A student cannot be retrospectively registered to a module, so please complete the form in a timely manner.

Lists of Modules Available to Research Students

List of Taught Modules for Research Students 18-19 (Updated on 29 August 2018)

Timetable Methods Modules 2017/2018

PhD Recommended Methods Modules Timetable 2017/2018

Module Registration Form

Research Student Registration_form_taught_module_18_19

Audit Module Enrolment Registration Form

Audit Module Enrolment Registration Form 18_19

College of Social Sciences and Law Research Degree Guidance Handbook


Auditing Modules

Students enrolled to any graduate programme at University College Dublin have the opportunity to enrol to a module for Audit from within the list of modules offered by the University. A student may audit a module if they wish to attend the module but not gain any credits for the module. This means that they do not receive a grade for the module, but the module will appear on the student’s transcript as having been audited.

Students must seek the permission of the relevant Module Co-ordinator in order to do this, as well as the Programme Co-ordinator for the programme in which the student is enrolled. To audit a module, please complete the relevant details below, obtain the signature of the Module Co-ordinator and Programme Co-ordinator, and submit the completed form to the Social Sciences and Law Graduate School Office (D111 Newman Building) prior to the deadline. It is very important to update your Graduate School Office if you withdraw from a module in order to keep records up-to-date. Any changes to registration can only be done up to SIX weeks after commencement of term.

Module Registration Form for Audit

PhD Module Registration Form for Audit 15-16Audit Module Enrolment Registration Form 18_19

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