PhD Complex Systems and Computational Social Science - Current and Past Students

Current Students

  • Gillian Golden: Developing Agent Based Modelling and Micro Simulation Techniques for Public Policy Analysis in Ireland
  • Roland Adorjani: Dynamics of social media conversations in political campaigns: a social computational approach
  • Jane Fitzgerald-Dunne: Cyberethnographic study of non-suicidal self-injury networks
  • Amelie Aidenberger: Under the Influence: Social Contexts & Norm-Violating Behaviours
  • Chenlong Wang: Mechanisms that lead to online community-based production and access of information

Past Students:

  • Dr Travis Tatum: Don’t weight for me: obesity clustering among adolescents in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden
  • Dr Mathew Agripinus Senga: Social Networks and Collaboration in Management of Natural Resource and Protection of Livelihoods: Reflections from Rural Communities in East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
  • Dr Conrad Lee: Community detection: effective evaluation on large social networks
  • Dr Paul Wagner: Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks (COMPON): An Irish Study
  • Dr Benjamin Schrempf: General Purpose Technologies from a Knowledge Perspective – A Computational Social Science Approach to Innovation Networks in Nanotechnology
  • Dr Hang Xiong: Peer Effects in the Diffusion of High-Value Crops on Social Networks: A Social Simulation Approach

Visiting Fellows affiliated to the CSCS PhD Programme:

  • Zejing Qu (2010-2011) Research Focus: Regional Innovation- Research on Jiangsu innovation pathway against global value chains division” funded by Ministry of Education in Jiangsu province
  • Yueji Zhu (2012-2013) Complex Socio-economic Systems
  • Thijs Velema (2012-2014) The effect of status and market strategy on performance in professional Dutch football, 2003-2010
  • Lvcheng Li (2016) Agent-based simulation of University –Industry networks
  • Aliakbar Akbaritabar (2018) A quantitative sociology of academic work in an era of hyper-competition and rankings