Environmental Policy Stream


The Master of Public Policy is a 90-credit programme. When starting the course, students will choose one out of the eight streams.

All Master of Public Policy students must take the following set of modules:

  • 4 Core Modules - 10 credits each, 2 hours every week for 1 semester (12 weeks), Friday Afternoons 2-4pm & 4-6pm
  • Dissertation Design Module - 5 credits, 2 hours every week for half a semester (6 weeks)
  • 2-4 Option Modules - (20 credits in total). A range of option modules will vary depending on a choice of the stream.

Students are required to submit a thesis (Approx. 10,000 words) or take up an internship placement during the summer term.

Structure & Modules 2016-17

Core Modules: 

  • GSHS40210 Public Administration & Policy (Semester 1, Fridays 2-4pm)
  • POL40160 Comparative Public Policy (Semester 1, Fridays 4-6pm)
  • POL41420 Dissertation Design (Semester 1, 2hrs every week for 6 weeks from mid-Oct to end of Nov)
  • LAW40250 Regulatory Governance (Semester 2, Fridays 2-4pm)
  • SPOL40450 Evidence-Based Policy Making (Semester 2, Fridays 4-6pm)
  • Thesis or Internship Placement (May-Aug. 25 credits) 

Option Modules:  

Module descriptions are available at UCD Course Search. Click here for instructions (PDF).