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DN700 GPA calculation

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The table below demonstrates how a final degree GPA for BSc Social Sciences is calculated when you complete the degree without Erasmus/Exchange and without a 30 credit Internship opportunities in Stage 3. 
4 Stages: No Internship, No Study Abroad  Weighting Equivalent%
Stage 1 - -
Stage 2 2 20%
Stage 3 3 30%
Stage 4 5 50%

BSc Social Sciences: GPA Neutral Trimester/Year in Stage 3

During your time in UCD, you may opt for Study Abroad and/or Internship opportunities in Stage 3. Study abroad and Internships do not count towards your GPA calculation, so where you participate in these opportunities during Stage 3, one trimester OR both trimesters can be grade neutral. 

If you study abroad (through Erasmus or Non-EU Exchange) or undertake an internship during Stage 3 of your BSc Social Sciences degree, the trimester(s) involved will be considered neutral to your GPA.  This means that you GPA will be calculated in a different way to the 20% Stage 2 / 30% Stage 3 / 50% Stage 4 split.  The Academic Regulations of the University gives guidance on how your degree would be calculated and worked examples from the Academic Regulations are copied below for your convenience.  

Note: The following information has been copied from the Academic Regulations (Appendx B), version 1.3 September 2019. It is intended for guidance purposes only and is subject to review and alteration by the University. Students should consult https://hub.ucd.ie/usis/!W_HU_MENU.P_PUBLISH?p_tag=GD-DOCLAND&ID=123 and check the relevant section of the Regulations for worked examples before relying on this information to make informed decisions regarding whether to study abroad or undertake an internship.

GPA Neutral calcs V1.3 AcRegs Sept19

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