SPIRe Seminar Series Programme

This is the schedule for semester 2, 2018-19

Unless otherwise indicated all Seminars take place in Room G316, School of Politics and International Relations, Newman Building. All welcome.

Download ‌SPIRe Seminar Series, 2018-19 Semester 2  as pdf.




6 March


G316 Newman

Louise Fitzgerald (UCD SPIRe PhD)


Tianyang Song (UCD SPIRe PhD)

Under what conditions is environmental policy effective? An analysis of the German Energy Transition (Discussant: Alexa Zellentin)

Are educational rights of minorities worth watching? District level analysis of World Bank Aid in India (Discussant: Krishna Vadlamannati)




3 April


G316 Newman

Prof Niamh Hardiman (UCD SPIRe)

Pathways from the periphery 
(Discussant: Ben Tonra)

10 April


G316 Newman

Kevin McParland (UCD SPIRe PhD)


Paul Turner (UCD SPIRe PhD)

The role of trade unions in protecting household consumption: A case study of Sri Lanka (Discussant: Heidi Riley)


Genetic identity (Discussant: Graham Finlay)

17 April 


G316 Newman

Dr Kornely Kakachia (Tbilisi State University,  Georgia) 


 Georgia's protracted transition: civil society, party politics and challenges to democratic transformation 


25 April (THURS)


G316 Newman

Dr Vincent Durac  (UCD SPIRe)

Sectarianism, Conflict and Politics in the Middle East: the case of Yemen  (Discussant: Dawn Walsh)