Dr Graham Finlay has a regular spot on Sean Moncrieff's newstalk show, called Tell Me About, where he talks about a range of topics chosen by listeners (sometimes politics related, but often not).

5 December 2017  Tell Me Why...So Much Food Waste, Why So Much Hunger?


Other features and appearances

Dr Vincent Durac on Newstalk with Ivan Yates 7 December 2017 talking about Trump and his decision to make Jerusalem the US Israeli embassy Listen Back. (Starts about half way through)

Dr Vincent Durac on RTE News Six One yesterday talking about Trump and the Middle East. Listen Back (6th December, from 23:36)

Dr Graham Finlay on Today with Sean O'Rourke on RTE 5 December 2017 talking about US Politics. Listen back.

Prof David Farrell was on RTE's This Week in Politics 3 December 2017. Watch Back