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Other articles and mentions

14 Nov 2017 Prof Ben Tonra in the Irish Times Greater military co-operation under Pesco presents range of costs

29 Oct 2017 Dr Aidan Regan for Sunday Business Post What do voters want from the Irish political economy? (paywall)

20 Oct 2017 Dr Vincent Durac for Irish Times Dreams of independent Kurdish state remain elusive as ever

2 Oct 2017 Dr Miquel Pellicer on his own blog, Catalan and Spanish Nationalism from a Political Psychology Persective

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24 Sept 2017 Dr Alex Dukalksis for the Journal North Koreans are neither brainwashed robots nor aspiring democracy activists

20 Sept 2017 Prof Jennifer Todd in the Conversation Lessons from along the Irish border on north-south relations after Brexit

7 Sept 2017 Dr Alex Dukalksis has a piece in the Conversation What happens to North Koreans who flee their country – and what can they tell us?

21 June 2017 Dr Aidan Regan is interviewed and his article 'Celtic Phoenix or Leprechaun Economics?' featured in Rabble's recent article on FDI and its sustainability: 'Leprechaun economics in the hood'.