Vótáil 100; Céard atá romhainn?
Empowering the changing face of the Irish woman.

Saturday, 9th June at 13:00, O'Reilly Hall 1 

1918 signified the dawn of a new era in Irish society, one that led us towards full electoral equality, for Irish men and Irish women. The founding women of the Irish Republic laid the foundation that paved the way for equal access to education, the right to vote and increased participation of Irish women in politics. 

As we move into the next 100 years, what are the challenges for the contemporary Irish woman? 

Journey with us as we look back and aspire to move forward.  It is an exciting time for Irish women and the question we must now ask ourselves is; what's next? 

Join Catherine Martin TD (Member of Votáil 100 Steering Committee & Chair of the Oireachtas Women's Caucus), Gemma Hussey (Former Government Minister & Founding member of the Women's Political Association) and Farah Abushwesha (Irish Writer and Film Producer). We want you to come along, be a part of the discussion and be a part of the change.
Location: O'Reilly Hall 1, UCD, Belfield Campus 
Registration Link:  http://bit.ly/Votail100
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