SPIRe Seminar Series Programme

This is the schedule for semester 1, 2018-19

Unless otherwise indicated all Seminars take place in Room G316, School of Politics and International Relations, Newman Building. All welcome.

Download ‌SPIRe Seminar Series semester 1, 2018-19 as pdf. 

14 September


UCD Global Lounge

Dr Sinead Walsh,  (EU Ambassador to South Sudan)

Failure and Heroism. Western intervention and West Africa’s Ebola outbreak

26 September

1-2pm, G316 Newman

Dr Aidan Regan (UCD SPIRe) & Dr Liam Kneafsey (TCD)

Competitive Nationalism(s) and European Integration: Explaining Popular Support for Corporate Tax Avoidance.

3 October

1-2pm, G316 Newman

Dr Andy Storey (UCD SPIRe)

The Use and Abuses of Ordoliberaliam: The Ideology of Economic Governance in Europe.

10 October

1-2pm, G316 Newman

Dr Akisato Suzuki (UCD SPIRe)

Why Citizens Let Their Leaders Engage in Armed Conflict: A Rationalist Explanation

31 October

1-2pm, G316 Newman

Dr Nicole Janz, (Politics & Int Relations, University of Nottingham)

Expropriation and human rights: Does the seizure of foreign assets signal wider repression?

7 November

1-2pm, G316 Newman

Dr Dawn Walsh (UCD SPIRe)

Independent commissions and power-sharing in post-conflict societies

21 November

1-2pm, G316 Newman

Yao Wang (UCD SPIRe)

European Union Trade Defence Policy toward China under the Framework of World Trade Organization, 2003-2017

28 November

1-2pm. G316 Newman

Dr Samuel  Brazys & Dr Krishna Vadlamannati, (UCD SPIRe)

Priming The Pump. Does Aid Pave The Way For Investment?