“Constitutional pasts and futures: Northern Ireland and the British Irish relationship 20 years after the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement”
& Launch of the John Whyte Archive

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The UCD Institute for British Irish Studies (IBIS) invites you to the above-titled seminar and the launch of the John Whyte Archive. This will mark the 20th anniversary of the two referendums held to give effect to the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement.

The academic seminar takes  stock of where we stand 20 years after the referendums and will feature contemporary international scholarship and political and media assessments of progress and opportunities. The scholarly contributions will include comparative politics, constitutional law and international relations perspectives, as well as assessments based on the John Whyte archive. 

The John Whyte Archive is a collection of taped and transcribed elite interviews and witness seminars about the process of British-Irish, and Northern Irish negotiations from 1973. The archive shows competing and changing perspectives on events, differences in the Irish and British perspectives, and the ways that productive agreements were nonetheless created. Thus they serve as a benchmark by which we can judge how the successful agreements were generated and the principles and the understandings on which they depended. That is of particular value today when Brexit is presenting such challenges to these achievements.

The seminar is scheduled to run at the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin from 09.30 to 17.30, with the formal launch of the Archive scheduled for 17.30. 

Constitutional Pasts and Futures Programme