SPIRe are running a new Masters programme in Peace and Conflict studies and is available as an MSc or an MA. 

The programme is for 1 year full time or 2 years part-time. 

Students will use comparative political science models and methods to analyse patterns of conflict and settlement, with a focus on internal violent conflicts, past and present.

  • This course allows analysis of the different ways that religion, ethnicity and inequality combine to generate violence. 
  • Specialist resources in the study of theories of ethnicity, identity, conflict; comparative ethnic conflict; Northern Ireland, Western Europe and relevant cognate specialisms in civic republicanism, justice and human rights, international security, European politics, and development studies.
  • Includes additional research components and is particularly suitable if you want a career in research or academia. 

Core modules include Gender in Peace and Conflict, Psychology of Conflict in the Middle East, with many other courses available as options. 

More details

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