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SPIRe Athena Swan Application

SPIRe's Athena Swan Bronze Award Application

SPIRe is strongly committed to gender equality at all levels of the School and in all areas of student and staff experience alike: gender equality is a core element of UCD's principles of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

The Athena Swan framework helps Schools to develop and support gender equality at all levels.
SPIRe is preparing an application for an Athena Swan Bronze Award during 2019/20.

An application for an Athena Swan award requires Schools to identify the full scope of gender inequality within the School, to come up with specific measures to address these, and to make clear improvements over a three-year time period.

A Self-Assessment Team (SAT), composed of staff and students working together, is leading the work on this.
Everyone in SPIRe is warmly invited to contribute to the critical self-appraisal that is required.

The Student Survey is a crucial part of this. Please take part in it!

It's confidential, anonymous, and the data are securely protected.

The survey will be open until Friday February 14th

Once you begin, please fill it in straight through to the end and 'submit'.

You won't be able to do some now and some later, since your personal details are not held and incomplete drafts will be lost. 

It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Just click on the link below.

Student Survey

  • Discussion groups will be organized for students later in the second semester.
  • Please feel free to contact any member of the School SAT with your own thoughts and suggestions.

SPIRe Athena Swan SAT Membership

Samuel Brazys - Associate Professor

James Cross - Assistant Professor

Vincent Durac - Associate Professor

David Farrell - Full Professor and Head of School

Graham Finlay - Assistant Professor

Dara Gannon - School Manager

Niamh Hardiman - Professor and SAT Chair

Richard Maher - Assistant Professor

Arya Pillai - Postdoctoral Researcher

Heidi Riley - Assistant Professor

Nikola Tomic - Postdoctoral Researcher

Krishna Vadlamannati - Assistant Professor

Dawn Walsh - Assistant Professor

Diana Cenusa - Stage 2 Rep

Iseult O'Callaghan - Stage 2 Rep

Eva Slevin - Stage 2 Rep

Victoria Ivory - Stage 2 Rep

Luchia Leigh - Stage 3 Rep

Meredith Salois - Postgrad Rep

Diana Volpe - Stage 3 Rep

Cody Dorsey - Postgrad Rep

Katherine Mars - Postgrad Rep

Padraig O Luasa - Postgrad Rep

Dana Guy - PhD Rep

UCD School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe)

School Office: G301, Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.