President Higgins to launch UCD Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in the New Political Economy of Europe

This Thursday, 28 March, President Michael D. Higgins will give the inaugural lecture to launch the new UCD Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in the New Political Economy of Europe.

The Dublin European Institute based at SPIRe has been awarded this prestigious Jean Monnet grant by the European Commission to become a Centre of Excellence in the New Political Economy of Europe.The project is titled "The New Political Economy of Europe: Re-engaging the Street" and will be led by Dr Aidan Regan.

The role of the Centre is to promote understanding of the new political and economic realities of the European Union, and to widely disseminate the fruits of research to a wider audience.

At the launch, and in an upcoming speech at the Institute for International and European Affairs, President Higgins will add to a series of speeches on the future of the European Union.

In those speeches, the President has suggested that the EU’s founding principles represent “the triumph of idealism over cynicism” and that such principles merit active defence at a time that they are threatened by “increasing inequalities in income, wealth, power and opportunities.”

The President has stated that a wide and comprehensive debate is needed and that the Union’s smaller states must make their voices heard, taking a leading role in deciding the future of the Union.

We look forward to welcoming the President to the new Centre and to our School. 

Some of the President’s recent speeches on this topic are:

·  ‘Solidarity in Europe; Achieving Authenticity in the European Street’ – Speech to the European University Institute (May 2018)
· “Giving the European Union a Future that will Engage Citizens - A Shared Challenge” (January 2018)
· Speech by President Higgins at the Diplomatic Corps 2018 New Year’s Greeting Ceremony (January 2018)
· Speech at a Reception for the European Association of Former Members of Parliament (June 2017)
· Speech at the Diplomatic Corps 2017 New Year’s Greeting Ceremony (January 2017)
· “Creating a New Moment for the European Union:  Problems and Prospects” - Address to the Irish Association of Contemporary European Studies. (April 2016)
·  “The European Union - Towards a Discourse of Reconnection, Renewal and Hope” (September 2015)
·  ‘Towards a European Union of the Citizens’ - Address to the European Parliament (April 2013) 

The Centre's new website can be viewed here.