Launch and roundtable discussion of The post-crisis Irish voter: Voting behaviour in the Irish 2016 general election 

SPIRe's David M. Farrell together with Michael Marsh and Theresa Reidy are launching their edited collection 'The Post-Crisis Irish Voter: Voting behaviour in the Irish 2016 general election' at the Royal Irish Academy on 3 October. 

The book is the definitive study of the Irish general election of 2016 - the most dramatic election in a generation, which resulted in the worst electoral outcome for Ireland's established parties, the most fractionalized party system in the history of the state, and the emergence of new parties and groups. These outcomes follow a pattern seen across a number of Western Europe's established democracies in which the 'deep crisis' of the Great Recession has wreaked havoc on party systems. The objective of this book is to assess this most extraordinary of Irish elections both in its Irish and wider cross-national context. With contributions from leading scholars on Irish elections, and using a unique dataset - the Irish National Election Study 2016 - this volume explores voting patterns at Ireland's first post crisis election and it considers the implications for the electoral landscape and politics in Ireland.


Book Launch at Royal Irish Academy

You are warmly invited to the launch and roundtable discussion of The Post-Crisis Irish Voter: Voting behaviour in the Irish 2016 general election

Edited by Michael Marsh, David M. Farrell and Theresa Reidy

Guest Speaker: Miriam O’Callaghan RTÉ

Royal Irish Academy, 3 October 2018: 17.30-19.00


Roundtable Panel

Chair: Miriam O’Callaghan, RTÉ

Rory Costello (University of Limerick)

Kevin Cunningham (Dublin Institute of Technology)

David M Farrell (University College Dublin)

Theresa Reidy (University College Cork)

Jane Suiter (Dublin City University)

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The event has received generous support from the Political Studies Association of Ireland and Manchester University Press.