The Institute for British Irish Studies (IBIS) has been awarded Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) funding under its Reconciliation Strand scheme. The scheme awards grants to organisations working to build better relations within and between the traditions in Northern Ireland, the North and South, and Ireland and Britain.

Project Title:

'Prospects for reconciliation in Northern Ireland'

It will be led by Prof Jennifer Todd and Dr Stephanie Dornschneider, working with Prof John Coakley and Dr Gladys Ganiel, QUB.

Project outline:

There is relatively low knowledge of ordinary citizens' openness to reconciliation or what limits that openness. Surveys give us only the outlines of goals and beliefs, but not the wider meanings and resonances with which they are invested. This pilot project focuses on the prospects of everyday reconcilation, working from the premise that everyday understandings and aims may be quite different from political discourse and rhetoric. It understakes an open-ended qualitiative interviewing study of the ways individuals think about their choices and social relations, with comparison between generations, and with studies taken at earlier periods.