SPIRe 2018-19 Undergrad Award Winners

SPIRe 2018-19 Undergrad Award Winners with Prof David Farrell, Head of School and Emeritus Prof Attracta Ingram

The School undergraduate awards were held on 2 December 2019, full details below. Congratulations to all our excellent award winners! 

Tom Garvin Award  -  Ross Merriman

The Tom Garvin Award is an annual award, in the form of a letter, presented to the student with the highest mark in POL30490/POL30500 Advanced Politics. Tom Garvin is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at University College Dublin and an alumnus of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of UCD with a BA in History and Politics and an MA in Politics. His PhD was awarded by the University of Georgia. 

Peter Mair Award -  Jack Heron, Ross Merriman

The Peter Mair Award was set up in honour of the late Professor Peter Mair, one of Ireland’s leading political scientists. The annual award takes the form of a letter presented to the final stage Politics student who achieves the highest stage GPA in Politics and International Relations modules. 

Conor Martin Award -  Nils Ekelund

The Conor Martin Award is given to the student in Stage Two Politics who achieves the highest combined grade point average in the four core Level Two Politics modules.  The prize has been established by the friends and colleagues of the late Reverend Professor Conor Martin, who was Professor of Ethics and Politics from 1952 until his death in 1980.

Brian Farrell Medal - Alex Greaney

The Brian Farrell Medal was established by friends and colleagues of Professor Brian Farrell who retired from UCD in 1994. It is awarded annually to the student in Stage 1 Politics who achieves the highest GPA in the two core Stage 1 Politics modules, common to the BA, BSc and Law programmes

Attracta Ingram Award - Anselm Bareis, Matthew Zammit

The Attracta Ingram Award is given for the best Master's thesis. Professor Attracta Ingram is Professor Emeritus of the School of Politics and International Relations. She has published extensively in political and social theory, particularly on the philosophy of rights, social justice, pluralism, state and nation, constitutional patriotism, and cosmopolitanism.