SPIRe are delighted to announce our success in the Irish Research Council's Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Awards schemes.

Louise Fitzgerald was awarded a postgraduate scholarship for her project 'Under what conditions climate policy is effective: The case of Germany'. The project focuses on the historic German energy transition. In particular it examines the various political instruments implemented, such as the Feed In Tariff Law, and the EU Emissions Trading System. The project aims to discover what lessons can learned from the German case in developing policy pathways to decarbonise our societies. In this the research hopes to contribute to developing holistic approaches to policy which appreciate the social as well as environmental dimensions of energy transitions. Louise is supervised by Prof Patrick Paul Walsh and Dr Aidan Regan.

Akisato Suzuki was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship for his project 'Robust statistical decision making for policy and politics'. The project points to the limitations of p-values and confidence intervals - the conventional measures for the uncertainty of statistically estimated causal effects - in evaluating the policy relevance and implications of statistical findings, and proposes an alternative approach utilizing Bayesian inference and making statistical estimates more informative for policymakers. Akisato is mentored by Dr Jos Elkink.