Four SPIRe students were recipients of University Scholarships on the basis of their excellent examination results in 2016-17. Three students received undergraduate awards:  Oscar Bryan, Clelia Li Vigni, Aisling O Connell, and one graduate awards was made to Mathieu Doogan.

A special President's Awrd was also given at the event to Sarah El Said, for her work with the Politics and International Relations Society. The citaiton given at the event praised Sarah:

"UCD is a more interesting, exciting and humane place because of Sarah and her establishment of the Politics and International Relations Society. Sarah has managed and maintained the society in all its aspects and has linked UCD with Jean Kennedy Smith by naming the society’s award named after her with her consent.  She lives her life for the society by which she is extremely determined to make the students of UCD aware of global political events."

We are delighted to offer our congratulations to Oscar, Clelia, Aisling, Mathieu and Sarah. Well done! 

Pictured are three of the awardees.