Dr Guy Aitchison (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Room: G304 Tel: 01 716 8149

Email: guy.aitchison@ucd.ie

Research Interests: Political theory; human rights; social movements; migration; civil disobedience and resistance

Research Profile


Dr Marco Inglese (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Room: G309 Tel: 01 716 8696

Email: marco.inglese@ucd.ie

Research Interests: European Union law; EU citizenship; EU health law; EU internal market; public international law


Dr Vladimir Kmec (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Room: G304 Tel: 01 716 8296

Email: vladimir.kmec@ucd.ie

Research interests: Migration, religion and identity; ethnic and religious conflicts; peacebuilding; United Nations; European Union CSDP; Mali; Western Balkans


Dr Caroline McEvoy (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Room: B112 (Geary Institute) Tel: 01 716 4658

Email: caroline.mcevoy@ucd.ie

Research Interests: Political representation and behaviour; political reform; public opinion; EU politics and policy; Irish politics; comparative European politics


Dr Magdalena Staniek (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Room: B114 (Geary Institute) Tel: 01 716 4621

Email: magdalena.staniek@ucd.ie

Research Interests: Political parties; electoral systems; legislative politics; European Union; research methods


Dr Nikola Tomic (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Room: G312 Tel: 01 716 8365

Email: nikola.tomic@ucd.ie

Research Interests: EU foreign policy; international crisis management; international relations theory; foreign policy analysis; Western Balkans and European enlargement