SPIRe Seminar Series Programme 2020-21

Our seminars take place on Wednesdays at 1-2pm.  If you wish to attend any of these virtual seminars, please contact Dr Richard Maher - richard.maher@ucd.ie.


  • 20 January: “The Mind of a State: Psychology of States Without Eliminative Reduction” by Radek Vana (SPIRe)
  • 3 February: “Financial Resource Curse in the Eurozone Periphery” by Niamh Hardiman (SPIRe)
  • 17 February: “Looking Backward to Move Forward: Legitimation and Authoritarian Origins in East Asia”  by Junhyoung Lee (SPIRe)
  • 3 March: “Relating (to) Climate Crisis” by Alexa Zellentin (SPIRe)
  • 24 March: “Germany, Europe and the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship” by Marina Henke (Hertie School and Northwestern University)
  • 14 April: “Protecting Europe’s Borders in Times of the Digital Revolution?” by Gerda Falkner (University of Vienna)
  • 28 April: "Negotiating with Your Mouth Full: Informal Meetings and Transparency in the Council of the EU" by Mareike Kleine (LSE)



  • 28 October: "Postfunctionalism Reversed: Solidarity and Rebordering during the Corona-Crisis" by Philipp Genschel (European University Institute)
  • 18 November: "The Worldwide Rise and Fall of Inheritance Taxation" by Laura Seelkopf (University of St Gallen)
  • 2 December: "Populism and Foreign Policy" by Sandra Destradi (University of Freiburg)