SPIRe Seminar Series Programme

This is the schedule for Semester 2, 2019-20

Unless otherwise indicated all Seminars take place in Room G316, School of Politics and International Relations, Newman Building. All welcome. 

Download ‌ SPIRe Seminar Poster 2019-20 Semester 2 as pdf.

Wednesday 29 Jan, 1pm Joseph Lacey (UCD) When do MEPs stand up for European fundamental values? An analysis of the European People's Party voting behaviour
Wednesday 5 Feb, 1pm Andrew Walder (Stanford University) Generating a violent insurgency: China's factional warfare of 1967-1968
Wednesday 12 Feb, 1pm Alex Dukalskis (UCD) Making the world safe for authoritarianism
Wednesday 19 Feb, 1pm Jonathan Kuyper (Queen's University Belfast)

On collective action: Non-compliance, justification, and democratic legitimacy

Wednesday 26 Feb, 1pm Tobias Theiler (UCD) Is international functionalism compatible with democracy? A (partial) rehabilitation of Mitrany's plan for international organization
Wednesday 4 Mar, 1pm Sanja Badanjak (University of Edinburgh) Does third party support affect the agenda of peace negotiations? Evidence from the PA-X Peace Agreements Corpus
Wednesday 25 Mar, 1pm Drude Dahlerup (University of Stockholm) The global empowerment of women in politics through quotas
Wednesday 1 Apr, 1pm Paul Maher (University of Limerick) The 'likes' that bind: Attitude agreement and social identification in opinion-based networks
Wednesday 8 Apr, 1pm Stefanie Reher (Strathclyde University) How do voters perceive disabled candidates? Evidence from survey experiments
Wednesday 15 Apr, 1pm Graham Finlay (UCD) Is there a human right to migrate?
Thursday 23 Apr, 1pm Marina Henke (Hertie School Berlin) Toward a European grand strategy? Options, constraints and political feasibility