SPIRe Visiting Scholar Scheme

The School of Politics and International Relations at UCD operates a Visiting Scholar Scheme with periods up to 12 months' residency available, and accepts visiting academics from a variety of career stages. The aim of the scheme is to encourage collaboration between international academics and SPIRe researchers. 

Scheme structure

The scheme has two strands:

  • Visiting Scholars (late stage PhD and up to 3 years post-PhD)
  • Senior Visiting Scholar (more than 3 years post-PhD)

The typical stay will be one term, but visits can be up to one year.  


  • Visitors will be supported by a 'host' member of SPIRe staff.
  • All visitors will contribute to SPIRe working paper series.
  • All visitors can attend and will participate in SPIRe seminar series (deliver one seminar).
  • Early career scholars can participate in PhD workshops.
  • Senior Visiting Scholars may be asked to offer informal mentorship to PhD students.
  • Visitors will be listed on SPIRe website. 
  • All Scholars will have IT and library access.
  • Office space may be provided, dependent on availability. 


  • Opportunity to deliver guest lectures in modules or other teaching.
  • Attend modules (early career)

Application requirements

  • The primary application criteria of the scheme is that applicants is supported by a member of SPIRe faculty (the 'host'). It is up to applicants to identify their host and request a letter or email of support.  
  • Deadline for September 2020 entry is 30 June 2020.  31st October deadline for January 2021.  
  • Please submit a short cover letter including brief description of work intended at SPIRe, CV, and letter or email of support as your application, to dara.gannon@ucd.ie 


Terms of the Visiting Scholar scheme

The aim of this scheme is to foster collaboration, so the direct relationship with a host staff member at SPIRe  is crucial to the scheme.

The following will be offered and expected:

  • Space - Early Career Visiting Scholars will be given access to shared workspace with hotdesking in the School.
  • Space - Senior Visiting Scholar will be given own office space.
  • IT and library access.
  • Attendance and presentation at SPIRe seminar series.
  • Contribution to SPIRe Working Papers series.
  • Featured on SPIRe website as visiting scholar with biographical note.
  • Participate in PhD workshop (early career)
  • Meet with PhD students to discuss substantive or methodological challenges in their work (senior).

Optional features of scheme

  • Opportunity to deliver guest lectures in modules, if of interest.
  • Attend modules (early career)

Shorter visits:

Note that shorter visits (e.g. of co-authors) will still be accommodated and take place “outside” this new scheme.