DN700 BSc Social Sciences - Joint/Single Major

In Year 1 and 2, students study Politics & International Relations as a Joint Major. From Year 3 onwards, students can opt for a Single Major in Politics & International Relations.

You can study Politics as a joint major with one of the following subjects.

  • Archaeology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Information and Communication Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Social Justice
  • Statistics

* A combination of History and Politics is offered under DN530 BA Humanities

Stage 1 Modules

4 Politics Core Modules

  • INRL10010 Foundations of Political Theory and International Relations (Autumn)
  • POL10170 Foundations in Political Research (Autumn)
  • POL10160 Foundations of Contemporary Politics (Spring)
  • POL10120 Foundations in Global Development (Spring)

Tutorials are attached to INRL10010 and POL10160.

A Core Module for all BSc Students

  • SSCI10010 Societal Challenges in the 21st Century

4 Modules from the Other Subject of Your Choice

4 modules from Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, ICS, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology Social Justice or Statistics

Programme Options and Elective

  • 2 Programme Optioins Students will choose 2 modules out of a list provided. 
  • 1 General Elective Students can choose any module in the University when places are available.

Stage 2 Modules


You must complete the following four Politics core modules. You will also choose four core modules from the other subject of your choice.  

  • POL20010 Individuals and the State (Autumn)
  • INRL20040 International Relations (Autumn)
  • POL20020 Comparative Politics (Spring)
  • POL20050 Research Methods in Political Science (Spring)

Tutorials are attached to all Stage 2 core modules.



  • INRL20080 Irish Foreign Policy
  • INRL20090 US Foreign Policy
  • INRL20160 Introduction to European Union Politics
  • POL20180 Capitalism and Democracy
  • POL20220 Political Institutions & Development
  • POL20230 Political Behaviour


  • DEV20130 Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • POL20060 Law Politics and Human Rights
  • POL20250 Irish Politics
  • POL20260 Introduction to Chinese Politics

Stage 3 & 4

There is no core module in Stage 3 and 4.

  • Joint major students complete 25 Politics credits in each of Stage 3 and 4.
  • Single major students complete 50 Politics credits in each of Stage 3 and 4. 

N.B. If you are studying abroad or doing an internship, the credit requirement in Stage 3 is less.

Level 3 Option Modules (10 credits each)


  • INRL30350 International Justice
  • INRL30340 International Political Economy
  • INRL30370 Terrorism and Political Violence
  • POL30780 Justice in Education
  • POL30750 Politics of Representation
  • POL30710 Media and Politics
  • POL30820 Political Risk and Foreign Investment
  • POL30840 Electoral Systems
  • POL30850 Citizen Politics in the Global South


  • INRL30330 Integration Fragmentation and the Global System
  • INRL30320 Gender in War & Peace
  • INRL30360 Middle East Politics
  • POL30810 The EU in the World
  • POL30690 Introduction to Asian Politics
  • POL30660 Data Analytics for Soc Sci
  • POL30680 Gender and Politics
  • POL30740 Political Economy of the EU  

Level 2 Option Modules (5 credits each)


  • INRL20080 Irish Foreign Policy
  • INRL20090 US Foreign Policy
  • INRL20160 Introduction to European Union Politics
  • POL20180 Capitalism and Democracy
  • POL20220 Political Institutions & Development
  • POL20230 Political Behaviour


  • DEV20130 Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • INRL20100 Death of the Western World
  • POL20060 Law Politics and Human Rights
  • POL20250 Irish Politics
  • POL20260 Introduction to Chinese Politics

Final Year students can apply for a special year-long module called the Advanced Seminar in Poltiics. See further information below. 

You are encouraged to study abroad (one semester or year-long) and/or take up an internship in your third year.

You may opt to take a single major in Politics from third year. 

The list of modules above is subject to change.

Other Information


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  • INRL10010 Foundations of Political Theory & International Relations
  • POL20010 Individuals and the State
  • INRL20040 International Relations
  • POL10170 Foundations in Political Research
  • INRL20160 Intro to European Union Politics
  • POL20180 Capitalism and Democracy

Dave Banks


Emma Murphy


Leticia Barbabela


Darragh O'Donnell


Isaac Bennett


Jelena Radakovic


Michael Coleman


Redmond Scales


Dana Guy


Carl Smith


Connor Hogan


Daniel Stairs


Junhyoung Lee


Benjamin Swift


Jesper Lindqvist


Natalia Umansky

INRL10010 / INRL20160

Marianna Lovato


Radek Vana


Julia Martinez




The Advanced Seminar in Politics 1 (POL30490) and 2 (POL30500) is a year-long course where staff members of the School of Politics and International Relations introduce students to cutting edge research in the field. During the second half of the course, students write a minor thesis, under the supervision of a staff member in the school. The module has limited capacity (c. 15 students) and entry is competitive. Registration for this course is done manually.

To be eligible to take this course, you must be a final year student who has completed Core Level 2 Politics modules. Only students with a GPA of 3.0 and above will be eligible for consideration.

Applications will be accepted from the 7th of June when provisional results get released, and the deadline for submission is Friday 26th June 2020.

You must include provisional Stage 2 grades in your application. They will be released on 22 June and will be removed on 24 June. 

Google Application Form (Log onto UCD Connect Required)

Examinations Feedback

If you wish to check your grade for each exam question, come to Room G314 Newman Building, Politics Admin Office between 10am and 4pm. (Closed for lunch between 1-2pm)

If you wish to review your script, send a request to spire@ucd.ie one working day in advance.

Please include the following information.

  • Student number
  • Full name
  • Module code and name

If you wish to review your script with your lecturer:

  1. Make an appointment with him/her by sending an email. (See here for staff details)  
  2. Also send an email to spire@ucd.ie so that the admin staff members will prepare your script before the appointment. Please indicate your student number, full name and the module code/name.

Students in the BSc Social Sciences (DN700) may study Politics and International Relastions as a Single Major in their 3rd and final years.

Applications will be accepted toward the end of their 2nd year. (Spring/Summer in the year 2020)

Completion of stage 1 and 2 core modules is compulsory for transition. 

Year 1: INRL10010 Found of Pol Theory & IR / POL10160 Found of Contemporary Politics / POL10170 Foundations in Pol Research / POL10120 Found in Global Dev

Year 2: POL20010 Individuals and the State / INRL20040 International Relations / POL20020 Comparative Politics / POL20050 Research Methods in Pol Sci

The Conor Martin Memorial Prize

This prize of up to €200 is awarded annually to the student in Stage Two Politics who achieves the highest combined grade point average in the four core Level Two Politics modules.  The prize has been established by the friends and colleagues of the late Reverend Professor Conor Martin, who was Professor of Ethics and Politics from 1952 until his death in 1980.

2016-17 Winner: Sophie Becker

2017-18 Winner: Diana Volpe

 2017-18 Winner: Nils Hugo Ekelund

The Brian Farrell Medal

This award was established by friends and colleagues of Professor Brian Farrell who retired from UCD in 1994. It is awarded annually to the student in Stage 1 Politics who achieves the highest GPA in the two core Stage 1 Politics modules, common to the BA, BSc and Law programmes. 

Professor Brian Farrell joined the administrative staff of UCD in 1955 and later became Director of Extramural Studies. From 1966, he lectured in the Department of Politics, and went on to become senior lecturer, acting head of department and associate professor. He has written and broadcast widely on the subject of politics in Ireland and is author of 'Chairman or Chief?', and 'The Founding of Dáil Éireann', as well as having a successful broadcasting career presenting programmes of comment and analysis such as Today Tonight and Prime Time. On retirement from UCD in 1994 he became Director-General of the Institute for European Affairs.

2016-17 Winners: Patrick Dempsey, Aisling O’Connell and Diana Volpe

2017-18 Winners: Nils Hugo Ekelund, Elizabeth Higgins, Alan Kelly, Tommy MacDiarmada and Eannan Monaghan

2018-19 Winner: Alex Greaney

The Peter Mair Award

This award was set up in honour of the late Professor Peter Mair, one of Ireland’s leading political scientists. The annual award takes the form of a letter presented to the final stage Politics student who achieves the highest stage GPA in Politics and International Relations modules. 

Professor Peter Mair graduated from UCD in 1974 with an MA in politics. He then began his career at the University of Limerick. He went on to lecture at the universities of Strathclyde and Manchester before moving to the European University Institute of Florence. He was appointed professor of comparative politics at the University of Leiden, Netherlands in 1994. In 2005 he returned to Florence where he was appointed head of the department of politics and social sciences in 2007. Prof Mair specialised in the study of party and party systems and has written a number of books on the subject.

2016-17 Winners: Gyan Kothari and Kevin Roche

2017-18 Winners: Nina Carroll  and  Anna L. Blix

2018-19 Winners: Jack Heron, Ross Merriman

The Tom Garvin Award

This is an annual award, in the form of a letter, presented to the student with the highest mark in POL30490/POL30500 Advanced Politics.

Tom Garvin is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at University College Dublin and an alumnus of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of UCD with a BA in History and Politics and an MA in Politics. His PhD was awarded by the University of Georgia. He was a founding co-convenor of the Political Studies Association of Ireland from 1982 to 1984 and its first President from 1984 to 1987. In 1991 he became Professor of Politics at UCD and served as Head of Department from then until 2005. Professor Garvin boasts a large academic output including four outstanding works on Irish political life: 'The Evolution of Irish Nationalist Politics', 'Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland', '1922: The Birth of Irish Democracy', and 'Preventing the Future'.

2016-17 Winners: Beibhin Gallagher, Agate Jekabsone, Stephen O’Connell, Serena Pilkington and Kevin Roche 

2017-18 Winner: Anusha De 

2018-19 Winner: Ross Merriman 

The Attracta Ingram Award 

The Attracta Ingram Award is given for the best Master's thesis and was established in 2018. Professor Attracta Ingram is Professor Emeritus of the School of Politics and International Relations. She has published extensively in political and social theory, particularly on the philosophy of rights, social justice, pluralism, state and nation, constitutional patriotism, and cosmopolitanism. 

2017-18 Winner: Laurie Reilly

2018-19 Winners: Anselm Bareis, Matthew Zammit