Commonly Asked Questions for Prospective Undergraduates 

Updated in February 2019

Please note that the School is not involved in the admissions process of Undergraduate students, including CAO applicants, mature students, international applicants or transfer students.

The UCD Undergraduate Prospectus is available online.

Q. I am a CAO student and would like to study Politics & International Relations at UCD. What’s the entry requirement?

A.  Politics & International Relations can be taken as part of a BSc Social Sciences (DN700), a BA Humanities (DN530), or a Law with Politics degree (DN600). This page explains the details of each degree. Please see here for the entry requirement for each course.


Q. Can I study "Intenational Relations" only? 

A.  No, you cannot. In fact, "Politics & International Relations" is one subject, and a majority of our students study two subjects. (e.g. Economics AND Politics & International Relations / History AND Politics & International Relations) 

Under DN700, students may be able to opt for a Single Major in Politics & International Relations in their third and final years. 

Please see the "How You Can Study Politics & International Relations" page for further details. 



Q. I am an applicant from outside of Ireland.  What’s the entry requirement?

A. EU and EEA entry requirements (other than Irish Leaving Certificate) and Non-EU entry requirements.


Q.I finished my first year in an XYZ university.  Is it possible to transfer to UCD?

A. Please see the Transfer Applications page.


Q. What fees am I eligible for?

A. Fees: Tuition fees will not be charged to students from EU and EEA countries. See here for all fees related queries. 


Q. I am from a non-EU country. How much would I have to pay and how can I pay?

A. Please see the Non-EU Undergraduate Fees 2019-20 page and the How to Pay page.


Q. How can I apply for on-campus accommodations?

A. Please visit the UCD Residences page.