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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Please note that the School is not involved in the admissions process of undergraduate students, including CAO applicants, mature students, international applicants or transfer students. If you have queries related to the admission processes, please refer to the UCD Admissions and/or contact the UCD Student Desk. If you have queries related to the contents of Politics and International Relations, please contact us at spire@ucd.ie.

The UCD Undergraduate Prospectus is available online.

Q. How many CAO points do I need?

A.  Politics & International Relations can be taken as part of the BSc Social Sciences (DN700), BA Humanities (DN530), or Law with Politics degree (DN600) degree.  Please see the UCD Course Entry Requirements and Places for each degree.

Q. What is the difference between the BSc Social Sciences (DN700) and the BA Humanities (DN530)?

A. In the BA Humanities degree (DN530), Politics & International Relations can be combined with History only. No other subject combination is available. 

While in the BSc Social Sciences (DN700), Politics & International Relations can be studied with one of the following subjects: Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Information and Communication Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Justice, Statistics. It can also be combined with one of the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Irish, Italian, Spanish. You may opt for a single major in Politics & International Relations in Year 3 and 4. 

The current students' section include a list of all the modules available in each degree. 

Q. Can I study "International Relations" only, not "Politics"? 

A.  No, you cannot. "Politics & International Relations" is one subject.  

Q. I am an applicant from outside of Ireland.  What’s the entry requirement?

A. EU and EEA entry requirements (other than Irish Leaving Certificate) and Non-EU entry requirements.

Q. I finished my first year in another university.  Is it possible to transfer to UCD?

A. Please see the Transfer Applications page.

Q. How much is the tuition fee?

A. €3,000 per annum* for students from EU and EEA countries** (as of Autumn 2023).

*The Irish Exchequer will pay tuition fees to the University on behalf of students. €3,000 is to be paid by each student as the Student Contribution Charge. A student centre levy is also required.

* Please refer to the Free Fees Elibility page for further information.
** Click on this page for further information on contributions.

Q. I am from a non-EU country. How much would I have to pay and how can I pay?

A. Please see the Non-EU Undergraduate Fees page and the How to Pay page.

Q. I am from a non-EU country. How can I get a student visa?

A. Please see the comprehensive visa/immigration information page. You can make an appointment to have a chat with the Student Immigration Support Officer in UCD Global from this page.

Q. How can I apply for on-campus accommodations?

A. Please visit the UCD Residences page.

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