Running Your Club

First of all congratulations on being elected / nominated to the committee of your club. You have stood out from the crowd, stepped forward as a leader and are about to start an unforgettable journey running your UCD club. You will do things you never thought possible, challenge yourself beyond belief, make friends for life and develop skills you never knew you had. You will find loads of resources on this site that will help you in running your club.  

Don’t forget to attend the Club Officer training in September and read the Club Operations Manual. At all times remember that the AUC and the sports staff are here to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask!

UCD provides a once in a lifetime student-athlete experience. As a member of the UCD golf club, I find the challenge of balancing my study and sport very enjoyable. High standard academics, access to top class sports facilities, and the chance to make new connections around Ireland's biggest city makes UCD a truly unforgettable experience.

Gareth Mann; MA Management Consultancy, UCD Golf Club


Becoming involved in a club is a great way to meet people and settle in to College life. It’s also helped to build my confidence and I have learnt how to work well with others. For me the club is a home away from home.

Emma McHugh, Ladies Gaelic Football Club

Coaching is integral to all UCD sports clubs. Expert coaching ensures the enjoyment and success of all members in the club activity. If you are interested in a getting involved in sport & physical activity then volunteering as a coach is a fun, social and attractive way to gain skills and valuable experience which are essential for both your personal development and ultimately building your CV. Students, staff and graduate members of clubs are actively encouraged to get involved in coaching their respective sport at UCD. The AUC and its members clubs can support you with unique coaching & volunteering opportunities while also assist with funding qualifications and training and development opportunities.   

A small number of UCD clubs also employ coaches to deliver their training.  The recruitment, selection and management of all coaches (paid and voluntary) is the responsibility of each club. Full details of the AUC’s Coaching Policies are listed in the Club Operations Manual

As part of our training programme the AUC offers a number of Safeguarding 1 course which has been developed by Sport Ireland. This course is targeted at all volunteers, coaches, committee members and staff within a club. In UCD all voluntary and paid coaches, managers, activity leaders and children's officers are required to hold at a minimum a valid Safeguarding 1 certificate, and have valid Garda Vetting through Ireland Active.

Only those individuals who currently hold a valid Safeguarding 1 certificate and are Garda Vetted by the AUC are permitted to coach, manage, lead activity or act as children's officers in UCD clubs.

It is the clubs responsibility to ensure that all coaches, managers, activity leaders and children's officers have the required qualifications in place before they commence their role.  


Safeguarding 1 - Basic Awareness:

  •     The course provides a good basic understanding of child protection legislation and educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of children involved in sport.
  •     The course must be refreshed every 3 years. The initial course must always be a face to face course.
  •     Just before the 3 years has passed the individual can complete the Sport Ireland online refresher. Once the individual completes this online course they should print off the completion certificate and attached it to the certificate obtained during the original face to face Safeguarding 1 course.
  •     The individual will need to present both as evidence for the next 3 years to the AUC if still involved with a UCD club in any of the aforementioned roles. Both certificates should be uploaded to the club grant document upload system annually.
  •     Before the total 6-year period has passed the individual will need to attend the face to face course again. Do not let your Safeguarding training expire, complete your training again BEFORE the 3 year period expires.

Garda Vetting (via Ireland Active)

  •     Vetting is required for all coaches, team managers and leaders whether they are paid or a volunteer.
  •     Forms are to be submitted in hard copy only to UCD Sport.
  •     The validity period for vetting is 3 years. Towards the end of the three year period the individual must re-apply for vetting and a disclosure must be returned to the AUC in order for the person to continue in their role. Do not let your Vetting expire, complete it again IN ADVANCE of the 3 year validity period.
  •     Please note that coaches/managers/leaders are only deemed to be vetted once the AUC receives confirmation of their vetting number from the National Vetting Bureau and a vetting disclosure via Ireland Active. Only those coaches/managers/leaders who have a valid vetting number and following review of the vetting disclosure are deemed suitable for the role by the AUC are permitted to work/volunteer with a UCD club.
  • Vetting Info - Approved Roles
  • Ireland Active Vetting Form (Form must be returned to the UCD Sport Office)

Please refer to the AUC's Club Operations Manual for further details on Garda Vetting, Safeguarding, the recruitment and payment of coaches.


AUC Vetting Process 2022-2023:


1. Compete the “Roles approved by National Vetting Bureau”. Coaches and leaders should choose “Children’s Sports Coach” as the role they are being vetted for. Children’s Officers should also choose “Children’s Sports Coach”.

2. Complete section 1 and section 2 of the NVB1 vetting form.
When completing section 2:

o Add “UCD Sport” for the “name of the facility”.
o Ensure you tick the box.
o Ensure you sign and date it.

3. Submit this completed form by post with copies of the relevant id to Paula Cashman, Sports Development Officer, UCD Sport, UCD Sports Centre, Belfield, Dublin 4 or drop the form and relevant id into the Sports Office for the attention of Paula.

4. It is the coach/leaders/children’s officers responsibility to ensure that the id submitted equates to 100 points. Note that the paper format driving licence carries significantly less points than the credit card style licence.

5. Paula will complete and sign page 5 of the vetting form. She will then submit it by post to Ireland Active (AUC's vetting agent).

6. The applicant will receive an online vetting invitation from the National Vetting Bureau which they must complete within 30 days of receipt of the invitation. This will be sent to the email address you supplied on the vetting form.

7. Please note that coaches/managers/leaders are only deemed to be vetted once the AUC receives confirmation of their vetting number from the National Vetting Bureau and a vetting disclosure via Ireland Active. Paula will send an email to the coach and the club once this confirmation is received.

8. Only those coaches/managers/leaders who have a valid vetting number and following review of the vetting disclosure are deemed suitable for the role by the AUC are permitted to work/volunteer with a UCD club.


Keeping Children Safe / Junior Member

Although the vast majority of student club members will be over 18 years of age, every year a small number will register in UCD that are 17 years old. In order to create a happy and safe environment for all club members (including those aged 17) and coaches, the AUC has in place a number of procedures to ensure that it complies with best practice in child safety. Full details of the procedures are provided in the UCD Keeping Children Safe Policy.


All clubs affiliated to the AUC are eligible to apply for  grants from the AUC to assist in the day to day running of the club.  Grants are dependent on the money received from the University are awarded based on the applications received from each club.

In addition to annual grants the AUC may also award a special grant to a club for a specific purpose for example the purchase of a large item of equipment or the hosting of a varsities.  Furthermore, individual club members may receive funding towards international student representation costs.  

Full details of the different types of grants and the grant application process are provided in Section 6 of the Club Operations Manual.



Sports Clubs are important and integral parts of college life at UCD and Health and Safety is an important part of the management of any sports club.  Any club operating under the auspices of the AUC must ensure that all of its activities are conducted in a prepared, planned and structured manner.

As part of the responsibilities of club committees, all steps possible to ensure the safety and health of club members must be taken.  UCD clubs are committed to a safe and healthy environment for all members. The management of health and safety is the responsibility of everyone.



Please fill out the online Travel Form HERE for 2022-2023

AUC Club Travel Policy

AUC Trip Rules



Some other documentation that will assist you in running your club includes the AUC Committee Handover guidelines, the Club Locker Key Nomination Form and the AUC Club Training Night presentation.  Where your members are representing UCD in competition they are asked to complete in advance (at least 7 days) the Advanced Verification of Sporting Representation form and bring it to the Sport Office for stamping before it is submitted to the relevant academic staff member.


Nominations are now closed for 2022/23

Award categories:

  • Team of the Year (Elite / Varsity)
  • Club of the Year (Elite / Recreational & Varsity)
  • The David O’Connor Memorial Medal
  • Graduate of the Year
  • Dr Tony O’Neill Sportsperson of the Year
  • Gerry Horkan Club Administrator of the Year
  • Individual Award
  • Club Event of the Year Award
  • Club Inclusion Award

For more information on each award category, click here.

For more information on the David O'Connor Memorial Medal and Guidelines for criteria for candidates, click here.