Training & Development

The AUC is committed to developing and delivering training resources and opportunities for volunteer club members to improve and build on the skills and knowledge required to lead sport in UCD. Throughout each year training opportunities are provided to club members, coaches and committee members to support the effective running of the club and to develop the students’ skill base in a variety of areas. Details of these excellent training opportunities can be found by clicking on the Key Training Opportunities section. We will communicate these opportunities via e-mail and through our online calendar. Funding, via a course subsidy, for sport specific training courses can be applied for, details of how you can access a subsidy is outlined in our Funding For Courses and Training section.


For me, joining the trampoline club was one of the best things I did when I joined college. I was immediately struck by the sense of family among the members. The coaches are always so supportive and working with you towards your goals and the committee works so hard to ensure everyone feels welcomed into the club. I've definitely made friends for life in this club and met people I never would have had the chance to meet otherwise. I've been able to learn and successfully complete skills that I had previously only dreamt of doing. We train hard and we play hard - but no matter what do or where we go, we do it together.

Emily 3rd Year, UCD Trampoline


The AUC Training Provision policy forms part of the AUC’s Strategic priorities for 2014-2019, specifically under the section of Volunteerism and Support Services. In this regard the AUC is committed to continuing to develop and deliver training resources and opportunities for volunteer club members to equip them with the skills and knowledge to lead sport in UCD. Training relevant to all clubs such as First Aid, Sports Inclusion, SafeTALK, will be run on annual basis. In addition to the club officer training that takes place yearly, the AUC also offers development initiatives through its seminar series, covering areas such as career development, volunteering etc. 


Purpose of the policy

  • To ensure that club committees are supported and enabled to effectively run their UCD club.
  • To highlight the training opportunities available to members of UCD sports clubs.
  • To provide information on how a club or club member can access these training opportunities.


Scope of the Policy

  • This policy applies to members of all UCD sports clubs affiliated to the AUC. It is envisaged that the uptake of these opportunities will derive from club members who are actively participating in their club as a player, coach, volunteer or committee member. 

Non Sport Specific Training Opportunities

Individual UCD Sport clubs have very similar requirements with regards to their operations and continuing development. On that basis many training opportunities will be relevant to all clubs. With this in mind the AUC offers a variety of training to ensure that all clubs are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to effectively run and develop their club. The following areas have been identified as being suitable for all clubs:


      • Club Officer Training (attended by at least one committee member per club) (Sept 13th 2017)
      • Safeguarding 1 (Oct 14th 2017)
      • Sports First Aid (Each club must have a qualified first aider) (Oct 21st 2017)

Recommended Seminar Series in the following areas:

        • Member Retention (TBC 2017)
        • Career Development (Nov 9th 2017)
        • Volunteer Retention (Feb 20th 2017)
        • Career Development (March 1st 2017 TBC)

(*Seminar Topics are subject to change)

Other Training & Development Opportunities:

  • Work Smarter not Harder with the Power of Google Cloud (Oct 5th)
  • Sports Inclusion Workshop (Nov 13th 2017)
  • Safety Talk (Sept 20th 2017)
  • Sponsorship Workshop (October 3rd 2017)
  • SafeTALK (Oct 16th 2017 and February 18th 2018)

Club Management Modules:

Club members seeking to get involved in the organisation of their respective club may be interested in the taking some of the following modules on offer in 2017/2018:

  • SCI10050 - Club Management
  • SCI10040 - Prepare your Future Career
  • SCI20020 - Project Management
  • SCI20030 - Community, Volunteering and Leadership

These modules are a great opportunity for you to build on your knowledge base whilst at the same time helping your club to run effectively.

Should you wish to register for these module you can do so via SIS, where full information on the module content, assessments procedure, eligibility etc. is provided.

(For further information check


Sport Specific Training Opportunities

The AUC recognises that in some cases the club's needs are unique, with that in mind the AUC believes that it is the club itself that is best placed to identify the sport specific course/s required to support the achievement of its aims. Examples of these courses include:

  • Remote Emergency Care
  • Coaches/Instructor Courses
  • Officiating Courses
  • Safety/maintenance related Courses e.g. Manual Handling, AED, Fire Extinguisher Training.



How will clubs be informed about these training resources?

  • A calendar outlining when the courses/seminars will run and details of the course will be available on the UCD Sport website.
  • UCD sports clubs will also be informed via e-mail, the club should then distribute the e-mail to it’s members.

How can I book a Non-Sport Specific Training Course?

  • Bookings are made, via e-mail to Paula Cashman (
  • Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • For the mandatory course only one member of each club can attend (with the exception of the Club Officer Training night, where two members are required to attend), unless places on the course remain available.
  • For the recommended courses booking procedures vary per course and will be e-mailed to the clubs.

How can I book a Sport Specific Training Course?

  • It is the responsibility of the member/club to book the individual onto the training course provided by the NGB or awarding body, the NGB or Awarding Body's booking procedures for the course apply.
  • Where the course is being run on behalf of the AUC, booking procedures will be sent to the club/s.

Can I apply for Funding for a Sport Specific Training Course?

  • Applications are made for individual club members whose form must be signed by the respective club President/Chairperson or Captain (where the position of President / Chairperson does not exist).
  • Applications forms can be downloaded here Training Subsidy Application Form 2017-2018
  • Your application will only be considered if the completed application is returned, via e-mail to Paula Cashman ( by the 14th of October 2017.
  • Applications received after the closing date will be reviewed under the availability of finance at the time and the criteria above. These will be adjudicated on a first come first served basis.
  • It is the club/members responsibility to book and pay for the course. Subsidy will be paid upon successful completion of the course and on the agreement of volunteering within the club or local community within an agreed timeframe (agreed on an individual basis between the AUC, the respective UCD Club and the individual). Please be specific about the exact details of the propossed committment.

Criteria for receiving a subsidy

  • The chosen course must be from a recognised awarding body.
  • The chosen course must reflect the clubs sport.
  • The club must demonstrate the need for the club to have a club member obtain the qualification.
  • There must be a benefit to the club/local community for a member to attend (e.g. member commits to coach a team on a voluntary basis X amount of times, or the course is a requirement for the club to train/compete or the course covers important safety aspects for the club).
  • Where multiple applications from the same club are received for the same course, the club will asked to prioritise, unless the course is a requirement of their NGB.
  • Evidence from the NGB / Awarding body of the course cost and content must be submitted with the application.
  • Those attending must be fully paid up members of the club.  
  • In some cases applications from club coaches engaged on a voluntary capacity with a UCD club may be considered.


  • A report on the benefits for the club as a result of the subsidised course attendance and completion must be provided before the final drawdown of the subsidy is made.
  • Additional conditions specific to the subsidy may be outlined.
  • Following assessment successful applicants will be notified and may be requested to provide receipts and/or other relevant documentation in order to facilitate payment. On receipt of all documentation arrangements will be made for payment directly to the club's bank account. It is the responsibility of the club to reimburse the member.

Details of Training And Development Opportunities 2017/2018

September 2017


September 13th 2017 - Club Officer Training (Astra Hall, UCD Student Centre) - Completed

This is an extremely important and relevant yearly training event, each club must have at least one representative present but ideally all new committee members attend.  In order to assist with the effective running of your club the following key areas are covered on the night, including:

  • Club Banking
  • Safety
  • Event Management
  • Grant Applications and Funding
  • Facilities
  • AUC Policies & Procedures
  • Coaching
  • Recording of Membership & Using SISWeb
  • Keeping Children Safe


September 20th 2017 - Safety Talk (C006, Health Science) - Completed

All club Safety Officers must attend this talk given by UCD SIRC Office.

A 60 minute overview of the UCD club safety statement requirements covering topics such as why UCD requires clubs to complete safety documentation; the UCD Sports club safety statement template and how to complete it; key questions to consider when managing sports club safety and risk assessments in UCD.



October 2017

October 3rd 2017 - Sponsorship Workshop - "Winning in Sponsorship"  (Bank of Ireland, Montrose Event Space) - Completed

Sponsorship, like winning, does not come easily but with the right approach you can make a big difference to what your sport club can achieve this year.

On Tuesday, October 3rd Rob Hartnett from Sport for Business, in association with Bank of Ireland, will give a masterclass in how to do just that, looking at the world of sports sponsorship and making it relevant to you and your club.

It’s not rocket science but a guide on what to ask, how to ask, how to prepare and what to offer in return for money can help your club aim for the stars.


October 5th 2017 (Room 5/6/7, UCD Student Centre) - Work Smarter not Harder with the Power of Google Cloud - Completed

NEW for 2017/18 this is a crash course where your sports club will learn how to get the most out of G Suite.

At this workshop you will learn how to leverage Google Drive, GMail, Docs, Forms, Hangouts so your club can spend less time organizing and more time doing!. Keeping track of all the clubs activities and people in one place. Google experts will explore quick and easy ways to promote your club achievements and tournaments.


October 14th 2017 - Safeguarding 1 (Red Room, UCD Student Centre) - Completed

UCD Sport in Partnership with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership have organised this Safeguarding 1 course which will educate participants on the implementation of best practice on protecting the welfare of children involved in Sport.



October 16th 2017 - SafeTALK (Red Room, UCD Student Centre) - To Be rescheduled

SafeTALK is a 3 hour suicide alertness course. The objectives of the course are to equip participants with the information, skills and confidence to identify someone that might be at risk of suicide, ask directly about suicide, listen and link that person to someone equipped with additional skills to create a safeplan. Priority will be given to UCD Club coaches and committee members, if spaces on the course become available remaining club members can also book in.


October 21st 2017 - First Aid (Red Room, UCD Student Centre)

This one day course covers a comprehensive range of topics to prepare participants to administer first aid care. Participants will learn a high level of practical skills so they can deal with situations when they arise. The course has a major emphasis on dealing with accident/injuries that occur in a sporting context. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance from Safety Ireland.



October 26th 2017 - Seminar 1: Member Retention (Debating Chamber, UCD Student Centre TBC)

November 2017


November 9th 2017 - Seminar 2: Making The Most Of Your Sporting Experience To get The Job You Want (Red Room, UCD Student Centre)


Are you looking for an internship, part-time job or graduate position? This workshop will introduce you to a variety of tools and techniques that can help you to be more effective in finding, applying for and getting the job you want. Capitalising on your sporting experience you will learn how to use LinkedIn to identify potential opportunities and make new contacts as well as getting some tips on effective face-to-face networking.

November 13th 2017 - Sports Inclusion Workshop (Red Room, UCD Student Centre)

This new Sports Inclusion Workshop is designed to provide UCD Sport Clubs with the knowledge on how to make their club more inclusive for students. The workshop is targeted at UCD Sport Club coaches and committee members but it is also open to all club members. It is an interactive workshop covering areas such as Disability Awareness, Barriers to Participation, Inclusive Environment, Dealing with Disclosure and will end with some scenario based discussion. It is being run on behalf of UCD Sport by the UCD Access and Lifelong Learning Centre. Priority will be given to UCD Club coaches and committee members, if spaces on the course become available remaining club members can also book in.


February 2018


February 20th 2018 - Seminar 3: TBC (Debating Chamber, UCD Student Centre)


February 26th 2018 - SafeTALK (Red Room, UCD Student Centre)

SafeTALK is a 3 hour suicide alertness course. The objectives of the course are to equip participants with the information, skills and confidence to identify someone that might be at risk of suicide, ask directly about suicide, listen and link that person to someone equipped with additional skills to create a safeplan. Priority will be given to UCD Club coaches and committee members, if spaces on the course become available remaining club members can also book in.


March 2018


March 1st 2018 - Seminar 4: Marketing your sporting strengths - developing effective CVs and applications (Red Room, UCD Student Centre)

Are you unsure about what you have to offer a potential employer?  Or maybe you are not sure how to successfully get across what you have to offer. This workshop helps you to explore and identify the strengths you have gained through participation in sport, whether as a player, coach, volunteer or committee member and effectively articulate your strengths and achievements in your job applications.

For Information on training and development opportunities that took place in 2016-2017 please click here T & D '16/17.


 Resources 2017-2018


Club Officer Training Presentation 2017/18

Work Smarter Not Harder With The Power Of Google Cloud

Seminar Series 2017-2018

Seminar 1 - Making The Most of Your Sporting Experience To Get The Job You Want

Making The Most Of Your Sporting Experience To Get The Job you Want

Seminar 2 - Membership Retention

Teneo PSG Digital Media Presentation November 23rd 2017

Peter Smyth (Sport Ireland) Seminar Presentation November 23rd 2017


Resources 2016-2017

Seminar Series 2016/2017

Seminar 1  - Gambling Addiction and Sport

Rutland Centre Presentation 

Gambling Sport & The GAA - Colin Regan

Seminar 2 - CV Seminar - How to Make The Most of Your "On The Field" Skills

Showcasing Your Skills - UCD Career Development Centre

Seminar 3 - Child Protection in Sport 

Sport Ireland Safeguarding Presentation

Ensuring a Safe Environment For Your Club

Child Protection in Sport Clubs - Your Legal Obligation

Sport Ireland Safeguarding 1  Online Refre‌sher

Seminar 4 - Sports Psychology & Nutrition

Sports Psychology

Sports Nutrition  

Seminar 5 - Playing the interview game: How to stand out from the competition!


Further resources for job applications, interview preparation etc. can be found here.

Seminar 6 - Coaching and Learning Cultures

Coaching & Learning Cultures Presentation


Sports Inclusion Workshop

Sports Inclusion Workshop


UCD Sport Club Officer Training

Club Officer Training Night Presentation


National Dairy Council and Sport Ireland Institute

Sports Nutrition Handbook