25 Years of UCD Presidents Awards

11 Oct 2017

The UCD President’s Award for Excellence in Student Activities each year provide recognition for those students who excel in extracurricular activities of a kind that make UCD an exciting, interesting, dynamic and humane place to live, study and work. The ceremony takes place as an integral part of the University Awards Ceremony, held in O’Reilly Hall in March of each year.

Recipients of awards, typically, are actively engaged in service to UCD societies, clubs or the Students’ Union, are involved in support services for fellow students or have excelled in competitive activity in the University or in inter-varsity events. 

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The objective of the UCD President’s Awards scheme has been to give recognition to the efforts of students in areas of University life other than the academic, particularly where those efforts provide the leadership, commitment and energy which help to turn UCD into a lively, engaged university community.

We would like to think that most members of our student body would have made some contribution to others in their time in College. However, these awards winners have been so outstanding in this regard that they have been selected from among a large number to be publicly acknowledged.

Dr Art Cosgrove, President: 1994-2004

Former recipients and alumni traveled near & far to take part in the ceremony held at the UCD Student Centre last Thursday to make the 25 years of the prestigous award included former recipients and UCD alumni, Gavan Reilly and Sinead Ingoldsby, who on the night reflected on the enormous impact and importance that University activities has on their own personal development and career. 

Since the Awards inception in 1993, a total of 278 recipients have been honoured with a President’s Award for their contribution to student life on campus. UCD Sport has been lucky with it's calibre of recipients and has included many GAA players and administrators including Stephen Lucey, Liam Rushe and Emma McHugh, Hockey brother and sister Stephen and Megan Tennant Humphreys, Athletics Laura Saughnessy, Karates Darren Doherty, Hockey International Sarah Greene, Rowing Olympain Claire Lambe and International rugby stars Rob Kearney and Garry Ringrose.

garry ringrose pres award

Many other recipients were captains and chairpersons, social activists and campaigners, administrators and representatives, all of whom continue to be influential, successful and active by making a difference to society, nationally and globally.

The commerative book can be read below with a full list of the recipients over the years.


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By Georgina Dwyer, UCD Sport