Club Focus - UCD Tag Rugby

19 Feb 2019

UCD Tag Rugby began over 6 years and from relatively low numbers for the first few years it has grown considerably since those early days.

With over 350 students playing over a 2 hour period on multiple pitches every Monday during term, it provides a fun and non-contact activity for all. The number of teams that compete in the Tag League has now reached 28 per semester, and the interest is so great that this semesters league was full after a short few hours of registration being open. 



A tag team must consist of 4 males and 3 females on the pitch at any given time, and in the early years of tag the female participation levels struggled to match the ratio needed for teams to compete. As time has passed UCD Tag targeted more female participation and playing numbers have increased to over 170. Tag has also provided an avenue for students who may not have ever played sport to join a relaxed environment and make new friends. Furthermore, it has also provided some players with a stepping stone to play full contact rugby here in UCD. 



One of the most recent and ground breaking developments has seen the BSc Sport and Exercise Management degree incorporate the organisation and running of Tag into the course. Selected students can now earn academic credits for their involvement in managing Tag Rugby over the course of their final year.


Here at UCD Sport we strive to enable all students to take part in sport and UCD Tag Rugby provides them with an excellent means to do so.