Sign up for Semester 2 - Refreshers Day

21 Jan 2021

Level 5 is still in place putting a stop to our club but many of our clubs are as active as ever. They are running fantastic online classes and training along with social events and health and wellness classes. 

This time of year we would be running the annual "Refreshers Day" from the Astra Hall to recruit and sign up new members. Unfortunately with lockdown still in place, sports clubs and all activity has been brought to a hault. But that doesn't mean you cannot Get Involved! 

Below is a list of clubs who are all running online classes, training sessions, fitness and wellness workshops, social events and coaching seminars. 


Next Tuesday we are running a very different Refershers Day and opening up membership to our clubs to keep you happy, healthy and active during these challenging times. 

To join, contact one of the clubs listed below and they will tell you how to Get Involved in their online activities. 

Ladies and Men's Boat

Caving and Potholing





Lau Gar Kickboxing



Tae Kwon Do

Ultimate Frisbee 

We will continue to update the list of clubs available for online membership and as soon as clubs and activity is cleared by government and public health officials we will be back in action and hope to sign many more members up to our clubs! 

Lau Gar Kickboxing Online Training