#GetInvolved in Clubs this Year at UCD

12 Aug 2022

Welcome to UCD! We hope you enjoy every minute of your time here. There is no better way to enjoy and experience student life than Getting Involved with your favourite Sports Club, or even better; trying something new! 

We have made it even easier this year for students to sign up and #GetInvolved in Sport on campus this year! With over 50 Sports Clubs available and most clubs open to complete beginners, don't be afraid to try something new, it could be the best decision you ever make! 

"I made a lot of mistakes in College but joining the UCD Boat Club was not one of them. I joined looking for a new challenge and found a family that will be with me for the rest of my life. When you come to UCD, join a club. You won’t regret it."

Ian Jennings, UCD Boat Club and Medicine Class of 2019

There are 3 ways you can sign up to a sports club this year! 

1. The UCD Sports Expo during Orientation. 

The Sports Expo will take place from the 19th-23rd of September in Hall B of the Sports Centre. This is during 1st year Orientation and the Sports Expo will be part of all the 1st Year tours. The Sports Expo is open 10am-5pm every day (10-2pm on Friday) and anyone can come along and meet the clubs, find out some information and sign up! 

The Expo will be a great event with music, games, entertainment, demos from our clubs and lots of freebies. 

2. The Virtual Sports Expo. 

If you don't make it to the Sports Expo in person, you can always visit our Virtual Sports Expo! 

There is information on all the clubs with links to their website and further contact details and you can join up there and then online! 

3. My Clubs and Societies on InfoHub

Students can access their "My Clubs and Societies" page through Infohub in the Campus tab. Students must be logged into their UCD Connect account and will be able to see the full list of all Clubs and Societies available to them here in UCD. 

infohub 1 

*We also have a fantastic UCD Sports Guide available in your Welcome Pack or available to pick up on campus. You can also view the online version below with all the clubs listed including some information and the contact details for all the clubs.