Welcome new and returning UCD Students!

19 Jan 2023

Whether you're just starting in UCD, or returning, we hope you enjoy every minute of the upcoming Spring trimester. There is no better way to enjoy and experience student life than Getting Involved with your favourite UCD Sports Club.

With so many Sports Clubs available and most clubs open to complete beginners, don't be afraid to try something new, it could be the best decision you ever make! Please note: due to National Governing Body registration requirements and capacity issues, not all clubs are in a position to accept new members at this time. 


For those clubs accepting members, there are 2 ways to #GetInvolved:

1. Visit our Virtual Sports Expo! 

There is information on all the clubs with links to their website and further contact details.

2. My Clubs and Societies on InfoHub

Students can access their "My Clubs and Societies" page through Infohub in the Campus tab. Students must be logged into their UCD Connect account and will be able to see the full list of all Clubs and Societies available to them here in UCD. 

infohub 1


We also have a fantastic UCD Sports Guide available to pick up on campus. You can also view the online version below with all the clubs listed including some information and contact details.

Refreshers Day is taking place on Tuesday Feb 7th in the Student Centre where you can sign up to UCD Student Societies. However, Sports Clubs won't be attending but are available to join now online.